Should The WFT Make A Change At QB?

  • roderick brown - 1 month ago

    Let's do some math and hopefully everyone can add. Alex Smith makes $23 million, Kerrigan makes $12.5 million, and Schwerff $15 million and Collins(bum) $14 million totaling $61 million. Haskins makes $3.2 million. The pressure to win is on the guy making $3 million and the money makers get a free ride to just get paid. This is the formula for fools and clowns who only wants to critique the guy making $3 million. Does this formula work for any winning organization? Is there any accountability for players getting paid millions? So Haskins was benched and the team totaled 120 total yards. Still, let's take the idiot way out and blame him anyway!! Omg, let's make some money betting against this train-wreck!!!!!!!!!!

  • Casey - 1 month ago

    Haskins has looked the part at times. In a lot of people’s minds, he’s still a rookie. His footwork needs to be fixed and that will help make him more of a prolific passer. To bench him would be mindless. I understand that this team has a shot to win the division however, this team needs to realize whether or not Haskins is worth the wait. I believe he is worth it. Without the pro bowl left guard in Scherff, it will be a tough task for any qb on the roster to get the job done. Let the kid play and show that he’s a starter in this league.

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