Do you feel Carol, Lydia and Negan have redeemed themselves?


  • Sam - 2 years ago

    Sooooooo, I just realized what you meant by the name Fetty Carl.... After all this time I figured it out! LOL OMFG How did I drop the lead on this for so long. I was sitting here thinking why did Rod call him that? So I googled Fetty Wap and I still didn't get it, I was thinking... Is it his music, cause he be all sad in some of his songs. Then I bust out laughing!!!! Carl only got one eye.... OMFG I love Yall

  • Iman - 2 years ago

    Not Carol, enough time hasn’t passed yet. Lydia to me redeemed herself a long time ago, she’s been trying to be part of the community and it’s everyone else who’s only seen her as an enemy. Negan. . . I forgive him. But I understand if people stay mad.

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