Do you think Christina will be changed by dying like Emmett Till did?


  • Iman - 2 years ago

    Y’all were on the same page with me about the feeling of this episode. It’s very good, but Hippolyta’s episode is still my favorite. So NO! That manipulative Christina didn’t change at all! Only to revel in her own power! I think maybe she was trying to understand in some performative way. But her laughing just sealed it for me, she doesn’t care and doesn’t get it. She can’t die and she was just testing the limits of that because Emmett died in such a brutal way. What they did to him way literally overkill. Maybe she was trying to feel what Emmett might have felt, but even that would be a farce because that bitch can’t die!

  • Sam - 2 years ago

    Christina told Leti that part about it can heal people for a reason… I think Tic is going to die from being sacrificed by Christina and Leti is going to bring him back with the spell.

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