Did you watch the VP debate?


  • AliMarJoh - 4 years ago


  • Rebecca - 4 years ago

    Being on the east coast that debate didn't start till after 9pm. I started to watch it and was impressed how Harris opened with punches but as soon as Pence started with ' The president of the United States has put the health of this country first since day one'. I began yelling at my monitor 'Liar' and then realized that this is not the way to wind down for bed and quickly turned it off. I caught all the highlights the next day. Harris was on point and Pence just lied and lied and lied like a good little Trump puppet should. The fly was the most honest thing about Pence.
    Great work guys

  • Coquinegra - 4 years ago

    That blood type theory...nah.

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