Should the statue of Christopher Columbus in Mexico City be removed permanently?

  • Elayne White - 9 months ago

    History is history at least as we know it. The good the bad and the ugly. We as humans have some very embarrassing history and it seems to continue as we create tomorrow's history. We also have some very enlightening history. Let us focus more on creating good and enlightening history.

  • Patrick Alcatraz - 9 months ago

    There is a famous city in Ohio named after Columbus. It is home to Ohio State University and is the namesake of Philip Roth's superb novel, "Goodbye, Columbus". Then there is the little New Mexico border town also lugging the Columbus name. That one drew the attention of one Pancho Villa, patron saint of every drunken Mexican, who raided it and incurred the wrath of General John Pershing. What are we to do with cities and towns named after suddenly-classified villains? We cannot re-boot our existence as if electrified Morons, so immediate demonization of our charlatans isn't all that possible, not when they, too, have their supporters. What would dear Queen Isabella say about this Columbus trashing? We all know he was not the one who discovered that the world was round; he was the one who discovered Isabella was flat...

  • ARMANDO ACERO - 9 months ago

    We can't erase Columbus and we can't pretend all indigenous people were the nicest of them all. The Aztecs and Mayans were hated by other tribes who sided with Cortez. They had a common enemy. The reasons why would take too long to discuss. We can't change history. How about we keep October 12 as Columbus day and declare a different day as Indigenous Peoples' day? That should satisfy everyone. Peace out.

  • Avery Eliscu - 9 months ago

    It’s part of history

  • robert d corkrum - 9 months ago

    If you want to live in the past then do it,but it might be more intelligent to be concerned about the current problems and do SOMETHING about them .

  • milagros~ - 9 months ago

    Millions of people were already living in North America in 1492, and the FACT is that Columbus never set foot on our shores. In fact, October 12 marks the day of his arrival to the Bahamas.
    He did reach the coasts of what today are Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic, as well as explore the Central and South American coasts, he never unfurled a Spanish flag in North America.

  • Goffrey Smith. - 9 months ago

    It is a part of Mexico's history and should be remembered, he is credited for finding the Americas just because he did not know they were there and happened to bump into it, but they were discovered hundreds of years previous to him by the Vikings, and even the Chinese and let us not forget the indigenous peoples, should they not get a statue also?.

  • Albert Walsh - 9 months ago

    There are some pretty stupid comments here. Everyone is an authority on the history of the Americas yet no one produces any evidence to support their outlandish claims.

  • Patrick Alcatraz - 9 months ago

    A wise man once said "All history is gossip" and I concur. Who writes it is the problem. Man has been a liar ever since he set foot on this God-abandoned planet. Columbus is a minor player in these snippets of grass-whorled angst. Turn the page, as Rocker Bob Seger would say about here. Be truthful and be scared out of your undies. Facts kill falsehoods. May I suggest a mental enema for those who merely shift blame from Columbus to Cortes to George Armstrong Custer. What did Americans do at My Lai and the rest of South Vietnam? No, Virginia, don't simply believe that you can single-out one asswipe and be okay with the other long list of equally-murderous Monsters. We ride aboard a wildly-flawed spaceship we call Earth but should more- correctly call Outhouse. Clear your throats and sing with me, "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine..." (Overhead, the moon rises cold and mineral...)

  • Tom Fowler - 9 months ago

    please read this article...

  • Werner - 9 months ago

    When a country removes part of it's history its going the wrong way. History is the soul of any country in this world and its important to teach it properly to new generations. Add to this geography which many need to learn in order to understand history better.

  • Sandra Kral - 9 months ago

    Wow. It seems people don't know their history. It was the people from the European nations who came the the Americas AFTER Columbus that began the slaughter of the Indians. Greed was the motivator. Columbus was not Cortez.
    And the first French and English who settled in North America by and large made friends with the native peoples. A lot of the French fur traders in the early 1700's were friendly to natives and traded with them. Granted, that didn't last for more than 100 years or so. The Europeans got greedy.
    Using the indigenous religions of Mexico to justify the destruction of the people here is hypocritical. Doesn't the US Constitution grant freedom of religion? Do the same. And remember the Spanish Inquisition. Early Mexico has nothing on the Europeans in regard to slavery and torture.

  • Tim Brown - 9 months ago

    Columbus , his only claim to fame is he discovered the Americas..... But 300 years after the Vikings ... not such a claim to fame ?? really

  • --El Codo-- - 9 months ago

    The Aztecs were hated because of their repulsive wholesale life taking worship. The Maya threw children down wells. The Yaqui traveled long distance to butcher families and the Seris were cannibals.

    The revisionists want to warp all of it into a Winnie the Pooh bedtime story. The Euros gave the indigenous smallpox and received VD in exchange. Slavery between tribes made silver mine slavery seem ordinary. What's next? Reinventing Moctezuma into a father figure and Huitzilopochtli into a Mickey Mouse character on Thunder Mountain?

  • Fernando Betanzos - 9 months ago

    Comments above are living proof of the complete ignorance of today WASPs. Christopher Columbus had absolutelly nothing to do with NativeAmericans massacres. Leave that to General Custer. ("The only good indian is a dead indian", remember?).

    The words by Gary Krane above saying Columbus was a "genocidal psychopath", show extreme ignorance and I invite him (I dare him) to tell us of a single genocyde by Christopher Columbus... All the writers above who express themselves aginst Columbus should read and document themselves reading valid publications before publishing such fallacies. I honestly do not know of any serious publication slandering Christopher Columbus with adjectives such as genocidal or psychopath. On the contrary, he was a dreamer who made his dream come true.

    Regretfully Columbus never received what he had been offered should he "find passage to India travelling West". When he reached today´s Bahamas, which he called San Salvador, he thought he had reached India, which is why all native Americans are called today "Indians".

    Please do not confuse Columbus with the nordic explorers. If they landed somewhere in today´s Terranova, Canada, they never knew where they were and did nothing to make a establishement as the Spanish did in the Caribbean, Central and South America -- and the Filippines. A complete different case.

    Any gringo who wants Columbus statue removed permanently from its pedestal in Mexico City, should go to New York City and sit in protest against Columbus Circle, boycot all the stores around it and fight to get its name changed to John Doe Circle.

  • Bruce Cameron - 9 months ago

    YES. He represents the arrival of the Colonizers. Nothing good has ever come to indigenous people from colonization.

  • Steve Cara - 9 months ago

    We need to stop trying to erase history. It doesn’t erase the fact that we should be able to learn from past mistakes and celebrate past glories. Every single prominent figure in history has both good and bad in their past...even God has pulled some questionable moves over the years. Simply erasing is lazy. Engage in critical discourse to move to a common solution. Imposing your will is cowardly and, like I said, lazy.

  • Luke - 9 months ago

    Take it down. There are other means to learn from history, e.q. place the statue in a museum. He is acknowledged but not granted any other higher status. Nordic explorers were presentvon the north american continent long before him. And as fsr as we know, the norsemen did not implement genocide. Columbus and Cortez should never be revered!

  • Carlisle Johnson - 9 months ago

    I had hoped we were free of intemperate speech in Mexico,but Mr. Krane has indicated otherwise. corr.

  • Carlisle Johnson - 9 months ago

    I had hped we were free of intemperate speech in Mexico,nut Mr. Krane has indicaed othersise

  • gary krane - 9 months ago

    He should only remain under two conditions:
    1) the inscription under him provides the truth about what a genocidal psychopath he was and
    2) another equally large statue honoring a resistance to indigenous genocide also be errected

  • Jim England - 9 months ago

    Yes it should be removed.... History yes ... racism no. He was evil.

  • shirley graham - 9 months ago

    its history leave it alone...

  • Don Mau - 9 months ago

    When hHstory is removed for whatever reason, we are doomed not to learn from our mistakes but to repeat them!

  • Joseph Patrick Quinn - 9 months ago

    No....much is owed to Christopher Columbus. Would we still be in Europe without him?

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