Will you be joining Diddy's new political party "Our Black Party"


  • Stephen - 2 years ago

    Nah, I won't be down with OBP... but I might listen to the soundtrack.

  • SandlerAgony - 2 years ago

    The last thing we need is a Fyre festival-style bipartisan thing from someone who can't even pay his talent. I don't even care if it works, it's a straight-up grift, in which, Mr. "Hold My Vote Hostage" wasn't even planning on voting. I just find it funny with it all coming down to the wire, these narcissist are doing whatever they can to take credit for the VP nomination of Kamala Harris and voting, when Trump in office was enough. Sad part is, they'll get credit for shit that had zero to do with them just for notoriety, like Sean Combs is doing for this. I'm exhausted as fuck from people like him, Ice Cube, John Salley & other black men allured by Trump's brand of mediocrity.

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