Bigg Boss Tamil 4 VOTE - Finale

  • Rajkumar SABARATNAM - 5 months ago

    Aari is the winner no doubt You will see

  • Harish - 5 months ago

    I support aari bro

  • Rarish - 6 months ago

    Aari best. Good speech. I will support

  • MJ - 6 months ago

    None of the contenstant showing true face event Aari looking for the content and arguing to every housemate.
    We need new housemate to be enter & give some Umphh for this BB4..

  • JESILAN NADARAJAH - 6 months ago


  • JESILAN NADARAJAH - 6 months ago


  • JESILAN NADARAJAH - 6 months ago


  • ben - 6 months ago

    Group of big boss housemate together with the attacked individual is very unfair—this really very bad politics in the house. I can not tolerate. The total show getting worste

  • Sonai paramesh Niroshani - 6 months ago

    More than shivani sanam is best..
    Some time shivani sooo boring. Shi spend time with bala only. Sanam play her game very vell and beautyfull. Please vote for sanam,aari, ramya and anitha.

  • Sonai paramesh Niroshani - 6 months ago

    More than shivani sanam is best..
    Some time shivani sooo boring. Shi spend time with bala only. Sanam play her game very vell and beautyfull. Please vote for sanam,aari, ramya and anitha.

  • sulaiman - 6 months ago

    intha weekla romba lowest vote vaangunathu bala eppadi avaru save

  • Sonai paramesh Niroshani - 6 months ago

    I think aari brother and sanam only good in the bigg boss house. Beacous they only speak true..

  • Vani - 6 months ago

    Pls send bala out because he only know to
    In love mood only.

    Bala and shivani doing like lovers and shivani you have a nice family
    Please dont spoil your family name.

    Send bala out from bigg boss house.

    Bala attitude and moral not respectfull
    For other contestant.

    Ari bro better then bala.

    Makkale dont trust this stupit bala.
    Always in love mood and always follow shivani back.
    Like hell.

    This is bigg boss show and not love show.

    Humble request please send bala out in bigg boss house .

    We are indians ...we want see respectfull show.


  • REVATHY LOUIS - 6 months ago

    aari best

  • Nisha - 6 months ago

    Seriously send Sam out sanam and aari are deserving contestants I don't know how people are supporting this arrogant Bala he like to wander around Shivani nothing more than that he acts with overconfidence which will truly destroy him in future bb should make him learn his mistake and Sam please poyi un pullai valarpa paaru don't talk about others parents

  • Vasanth - 6 months ago

    big boss நிகழ்சியில் ஆரி அண்ணன் தைரியமாக தப்புகளை தட்டி கேக்குறார் அவருடைய தையிரம் எனக்கு பிடிக்குது ......நான் பாலா மேல ரொம்ப கோபத்தில் இருக்கன் எனா. அவருக்கு ஜோடியாக இருக்கும் ஜோடி ஒரு களிசரை ...மூஞ்சி

  • kuna - 6 months ago

    Dei why samyuktha on least vote Aari suppose to leave always watching people he also pick with sam bala others as well even ramesh now suddenly sam on least?think people for me sam trying to be polite most of time and she nvr being disrespectful like sanam aari bala so she deserving the telephone task she answered professionally

  • Concerned Citizen - 6 months ago

    Balaji- can be a good person but is he setting the moral values? Think from a different perspective. He setting a very wrong moral values for the teenagers. Would you like any of your siblings or young family member behave or talk like the way he talks? This not only a game for them, it is also for us to learn how not to lead our life forward.

  • Nyana - 6 months ago

    My vote always to my brothers Ramesh,som,Bala,and of course sweetheart ramya ????????

  • Niroshani sonai - 6 months ago

    Hi all. We all talk about balaji and aari brother. But sanam also good.. shi is not acting same like other women.. shi play her game one person only. Shi have not any group and any supporter in the bigg boss house.. sanam wants to final. Please supprot sanam.

  • Hasan - 6 months ago

    To the concerned personnel whoever reads this message
    I would suggest Balaji has to win the title as he interesting to see how he wins people’s heart without acting but with his own natural way! One should understand this is a game show not just a school to make rules and ruin the whole season! And to all the parents who’s reading this if you don’t want to spoil your children don’t let them watch this show. When your kids are sleeping watch it because to be sure that your child won’t get spoiled by this show then your children will be much more safer at the age of 16 or at the age of 19 specially after collage your child won’t get any feelings for love by nature! And specially if you don’t know how to teach your children to Respect Elders please don’t let your kids watch this show because what I feel is that should come from their parents and with inheritance! Not from the movies or tv shows! And come on it’s 2020 if you don’t let the past die. It won’t let you live! May god bless everyone

  • JESILAN A/L NADARAJAH - 7 months ago

    Kamal sir we very like to you but now your stement never good and loyol .malaysian

  • Syed Ali basha - 7 months ago


  • Jeya - 7 months ago

    Hi all voters

    Kindly request for bigg boss 4 tamil
    This season please vote for woman
    Thaikolam because in all season guys win the title.

    But please this this vote for woman make different in bigg boss.

    Thaimei vellum.

    Balaji always in love mood and not consertrate in task and why he come to bigg boss .

    Children are watchibg this bigg boss show very well.


  • Jeya - 7 months ago

    Balaji didnt respect for old age .

    He really waste in bigg boss house.

    All world and children watching this show
    Will follow what balaji do in bigg boss

    He doing not respectfull things in big bosd.

    Balaji only consentrate in love only.

    Play your game in task and not in love.

    Please periyavanggalaku mariyadai kudengge.

    Children watching this show.

  • Sikkandar - 7 months ago

    Aari will be the tittle winner

  • Selina - 7 months ago

    Aari is the most disgusting contestant that's ever been in the history of bigg boss! I wonder based on what a piece of crap like him is in bb4... ????

  • Santhi Sureshkumar - 7 months ago

    Bala will be a title winner

  • SUGANYASIVAPRAGARAM - 7 months ago

    Balaji... Is a very good contestant he is know how to play in bb ???? he is ture person compare to other contestant ...keep going bala all the very best

  • Nuphail Ahamed - 7 months ago

    Maybe Aari has some knowledge to face debates. But his words and his views are not correct all the time.

    As an example today he just raises voice against Bala because he fixed on his mind to shows Bala as negative. But he isn't ready to understand the problem (Sanam’s)

    From my view,
    Aari targeting Bala because

    1. Bala accepts he pulled out Aari’s advice is irritating.
    ( Mr.Kamal already explained to Aari ”don’t advice if others not ready to listen” but Aari still doing the same.

    2. Bala support Sam on the captain's task against Som.
    ( Here Bala is 200% correct, I felt the same )

    Until now Bala Perfect ????????

  • PUVANAH - 7 months ago

    I support Mr Bajali cause he is showing his true attitude without any acting. He will be a nice person if we give our true love to him. All the best Mr Balaji.

  • Ahamed - 7 months ago

    balaji will be the title winner

  • Santhi Sureshkumar - 7 months ago

    I like Balaji Murugadaas very kind and honest man ,Archana and Rio trying to irritate him but he is very strong. I wants to adopt him as my son .l love him soooooooooo much. God is great he gave laks and lakhs of mothers in all over the world.He is the title winner.GODbless him

  • karan - 7 months ago

    Balaji has slept well........other contestents are cruel....waking from sleep a person is not good.....balaji gave them ass hole showing attitude, but balaji can throw rio in a single hand

  • Selvam - 7 months ago

    Velmurugan save I am from Bahrain

  • Noor Mohamed - 7 months ago

    இன்றைய கிராமப்புற நிகழ்ச்சி அருமை
    சுரேஷ் சக்கரவர்த்தி அவர்களின் புரிதல் சரி இல்லை
    கிராமப்புறத்தில் இருந்து வந்த கிராமப்புற பாடகர் வேல்முருகன் இந்த நிகழ்ச்சியில் தொடர வேண்டும் என்பது என்னுடைய கருத்து
    நான் தவறாமல் பார்த்துக்கொண்டு இருக்கிறேன் இந்த பிக்பாஸ் நிகழ்ச்சியை சவுதி அரேபியாவில் இருக்கிறேன்

  • Pakalavan - 7 months ago

    Vera leval and he is truthful
    B- Brilliant
    A- Attractive
    L- Lovely
    A- Ambitious
    J- jocker
    I- lovely

  • Pakalavan - 7 months ago

    Vera laval and he is truthful
    B- Brilliant
    A- Attractive
    L- Lovely
    A- Ambitious
    J- jocker
    I- lovely

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