Should firmer measures be applied to enforce Covid restrictions?

  • Christine Diane Peterson - 4 weeks ago

    having been in Puerto Vallarta as well as all over the United States and I'm seeing a complete diversity and how and where and when the mandate on masks is enforced.German speaking in red or Republican states there is less mess wearing been there are blue or Democratic the point where it was my food in my reason for living to have that taken away from me when there are strip clubs or bars open all the time is mind boggling. There are too many vast differences and it consistencies with virtually no consistencies.there are certain people behind this whose names I will not mention on this comment but you can all do the homework as far as who is behind the CDC and who is behind the world health organization.not all of the people are bad just like in any group of people but there are a few individuals who are really evil and they are dictating a lot of the bad stuff regarding this virus. Check out Dr. Mercolas website and that will really help yousee the reality and the truth if you want to because he sends out news bulletins everyday. I just did that that I recently read is that there would have been way more people who have died from being isolated or increased domestic abuse or overeating and a bit afraid to go to the hospital then there have been who have died of this virus.I know someone who committed suicide already and another person is on the way to doing the same and frankly I've had thoughts also and that's what they're hoping for that more people just die from other causes related to the virus but more than that the fear factor.hopefully there will be a revolution to end all this crap and I hope it's soon.

  • Bruce Gelman - 5 weeks ago

    Enjoy whatever Capitalist Disneyland you live in folks.Make sure your first in line for the "miracle vaccination" when it rolls out.Nothing but frightened tools who believe whatever the media spouts.Vaya con dios.

  • Patrick Alcatraz - 5 weeks ago

    Commenter Bruce Gelman has to be a descendant of Adolf Eichmann. What a truckload of shit he has brought here, a usually smart discussion site. Governments are working to eradicate Humans with biological warfare, he crows, like a Sean Hannity wannabe. Coronavirus is the 1st Step, he squeals, as if a stuck pig. Puh-leeeeeeeese. Spare me the Nazi angle, Bruh. Yes, the world population is rising and at some point it will be unsustainable. But not yet, son. Not yet. To follow your runaway train of thought (I cannot call it logic), well, we'd have to go all shithead conspiracist. Most of us are not there, Gelman. Most of us have not given in to your easy-reach Doomsday Scenario. Get a grip, man! You're gonna drive people to suicide with your Woe-Is-me diatribe. Does the name Ricardo Klement mean anything to you? Google it...

  • Bruce Gelman - 5 weeks ago

    Nothing new here.Virus research and bioterrorism is practiced by all technologically advanced nations.We do it, China, Russia, Italy, England, on and on.8 billion and growing Every Capitalist society on Earth knows this kind of growth foolery cant work.No wealthy society wants the burdens of the poor and scraping by middleclass.Covid is a perfect first step.There are more sicknesses in the hopper waiting to be released.Be as free as you can be because that window is closing fast.I wish you all good luck and a place of peace in your souls.

  • Werner - 5 weeks ago

    Its all a matter of educating people, Mexico is a very divers society and one rule does not fit all.
    People are not used to rules as expats are used to, it has to be done on local levels and unfortunately local governments have little trust of their population.
    Many places do it right distributing masks (not everybody can afford them) at strategic points and it works, but some areas in the Republic are difficult to convince.
    I say lets open up the country and make the rules being observed by employers in all sectors, I add to this lets open the schools or Mexico will face a lost generation. It can be done with good rules in place, not everybody has access to virtual classes, probably 50% of children in this country! At least in schools we have discipline which is missing on the street.

  • Phil - 5 weeks ago

    As comments show, this is not a Yes/No question.
    Generally, masks should be used indoors and when in a crowd outside.
    They should not be enforced outside in the absence of crowds.

  • George - 5 weeks ago

    Yes, definitely. But not with brutality. The law is new. A warning first seems appropriate. Yhe man stated he had a mask. Watch as he puts it back on.

  • Karen Goodridge - 5 weeks ago

    Wearing a mask gives a false sense of security. While covid cases may be on the rise, there are many
    charts showing that deaths FROM covid have almost disappeared. Scientists and infectious doctors have found the right combination of meds that cure all but the very elderly and those with high immunity disorders. Fresh air, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle is the key.

  • Peter Melvoin - 5 weeks ago

    These comments need to be rated by the readers.

  • John - 5 weeks ago

    I’m beyond disbelief at the ignorance and stupidity of people who think that the virus is over or that wearing masks in all situations is stupidity. You go ahead and be you, I won’t come to your funeral nor feel sorry for you or your family because of your bullheaded ignorance. Think of some Leone besides your own selfishness for once.

  • ivan - 5 weeks ago

    Mother Nature doesn't exist. It is a paradigm in the imagination. Covid, like most everything, is something manufactured in a lab by man and unleashed - accidentally or on purpose. Respond with true medicine, facts, and brains, not politics, hype, hysteria, authoritarianism, or supposed demi-gods. Staying there will never solve the problems - ANY of our problems let alone just Covid.

  • Julie Locke - 5 weeks ago

    Recently Mitla, Oaxaca lifted their tourist ban. Now we see many maskless tourists with a total lack of respect for our indigenous population. Very sad! I wish fines would be imposed. ????????

  • Suzan R Zaner - 5 weeks ago

    There should be no restrictions at all! Think about improving your immunity by improving your diet, getting sunshine and exercise. Take responsibility for yourself and those you love. These draconian measures are forced on us by wolves in sheep's clothing.

  • Mary - 5 weeks ago

    There is so much confusion about Covid. It is a health issue, made into a political issue. Mask has always been a health tool to stop spread of disease. Same as regularly washing hands. Same as social distancing. For a hundred yrs people have 'stood' back when being near some sick,. Health workers train to wash hands between patients. Not because of Covid, but to lessen spread of any disease. Yes, some masks are useless. The researchers have tested many, but people are too lazy to look up the research. But quality masks which stop micro-droplets (smaller than flu droplets) are good protection for yourself and others. These can be home-made. Covid enters the body three ways: eyes, nose and mouth. Most often via your fingers and hands touching those areas. AND from people who speak, cough or expel droplets into the air. Covid leaves more than death in its wake. The old often die, but younger 20-50 are often left with life long debilitating issues.

    Personally I think the last 75 years has been the best years for most of the world. We created wealth, technology, excelled in creativity and became prosperous. many to an extreme. However, in doing so we decimated our earth. No one wants to have less. Perhaps Mother Nature has decided it is time to stop humans from destroying the 1000's of years it took for her to create our resources. Since we humans,, will not voluntarily stop ravishing her resources and killing off all other creatures, then Nature must take a more dramatic approach. Mother Nature may be developing virus's which stop us from attacking her. She will reduce our population and the greed accompanying us. (SARS, MERS, H1N1, COVID, ??) Mother Natures goal is to ensure the earth will continue to live. There is no force greater than protecting what you developed.....even if it means getting rid of those who stop you from succeeding.

  • Patrick Alcatraz - 5 weeks ago

    There is so much ANGST here that I can feel everybody's words bouncing off my walls. Grab ahold of yourselves before you fall off the edge of the planet. MASKS are NEEDED! Get that through your thick skulls! Everywhere, whether at the beach or seated on your toilet. IT'S an airborne virus! What does that mean? Pissed that I have to explain it yet again: It's out there and in there everywhere. You are living a Life of "chance" at this point, and the chances of getting the still-amok virus at the beach have not changed, The odds are that you will get it if you believe you cannot. That is the Fool's Penalty, an uncompromising certainty that will sooner than later find you silently supine at the morgue. Cadavers don't lie. They are your Number One clue that Death stalks you every single moment of the day, every day. You are NOT INVINCIBLE; You are a quite weak organism. Without a mask, YOU are DOOMED, doomed to suffer a horribly-excruciating, life-fighting experience punctuated succinctly by a God-Awful death...

  • Susan Carter - 5 weeks ago

    Face masks on the beach really are quite silly. I feel sad that so many people are lining up for the fear-based lives we are being forced to live.

  • wanderer - 5 weeks ago

    Responding to "Philippe demers - 7 minutes ago

    The virus is long gone. I hope Mexico becomes more like Sweden, and not like Nazi Germany in 1944."

    Sweden has the highest per capita caseload in Scandinavia. Now it is locking down. Update your information.

    After Months of Minimal COVID-19 Containment, Sweden Appears to Be Considering a New Approach

    After Months of Minimal COVID-19 Containment, Sweden Appears to Be Considering a New Approach

  • Maria - 5 weeks ago

    People who say the virus is gone please talk to the ones right now in hospitals Hook up To ventilators or to the families of 1.1 million dead ones
    Be ignorant doesn’t take the Reality away Get real please this virus is real it kills Maybe not you But will kill your grandparents or your parents What is so difficult to wear a mask Just think about the people who are quadriplegic what they have to do each and every day of their life.

  • Barbara Humphrey - 5 weeks ago

    The science on COVID is evolving, and the WHO and US CDC have recently issued statements questioning the effectiveness in mask wearing, staying at home, and social distancing in preventing the spread of COVID. Many people, myself included, feel that these measures are more about control than about health and safety. and should be a personal choice, not a required mandate. If Mexico really felt strongly about the need for masks, then the police should be handing out masks and providing written rules for people.

  • Philippe demers - 5 weeks ago

    The virus is long gone. I hope Mexico becomes more like Sweden, and not like Nazi Germany in 1944.

  • Barbara J - 5 weeks ago

    The effectiveness of most masks is still controversial among scientists. It's ridiculous to require them at a beach. The police treatment of the man and other roundups was brutal. They could hav e have sent a message and a warning in
    a calmer, less physical way. I live in Mexico and will cross the Oaxacan beaches off my list for this winter. The mortality rate for the covid is extremely low.

  • Kevin John Brewer - 5 weeks ago

    We have to learn to live with this virus. Face masks on ridiculous. I even though face masks while driving your car was ludicrous.I am supportive of face masks in other settings

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