Would you go to an IMSS hospital for Covid treatment or find an alternative?

  • robert d corkrum - 4 weeks ago

    As a longtime snowbird here in Los Cabos I have not found an honest medical program!!Amerimed hospital charged me $7000 U.S. to remove kidney stones ,but the doctor did not .The scans,x-rays etc proved it,The doctor said "sue me".Amerimed said "Not us the doctor is responsible".Hospitals are protected by the Mexican laws,they just repaint,and change their local government thievesname! There is no consumer protection for anybody in Mexico,the millions of stories are proof.No tax for wealthy,No concern for how cities,states spend the money, The cartels out of control but in my mind the worst is nothing protects the honest people from fraud,lies,dis-honest government crooks who line their pockets,while streets fall apart,water and sewer runs wild,sidewalks crumble,etc.etc. A shame as Mexico could be a 2nd world class country but is going the wrong way.I come for,beach,weather,food and drink and honest good people.

  • Patrick Alcatraz - 4 weeks ago

    To go along with these Carpa de Circo discussions, you should find a way so that readers can comment under individual stories you post. Like on that ridiculous story you have about Joe Biden and what it will mean to Mexico and Latin America should he win Tuesday's election in the states. Your air-conditioned Opinion Writers should be made to defend their wacky writing. You have some Doozies...

  • -El Codo- - 5 weeks ago

    Official Stats From Sector Salud

    98.7% of the tracheal intubated did not survive. Apr-May-June

  • Beth Williamson - 5 weeks ago

    My plan A (if I do go back to México) is to fly back to Texas where I have excellent health insurance as a retired state employee. I will be 81 on November and taught for 58 years ( 29 years without missing a class). I was scheduled to teach a free Spanish class at the public library in March 2020 until the current Coronavirus started and the mayor cancelled all public meetings.

  • Beth Williamson - 5 weeks ago

    I have chosen to stay at home in Texas since I will be 81 on Nov. 2nd, 2020. I was last in San Miguel de Allende in February of 2020 and hope to go back to SMA in 2021 if the current Coronavirus epidemic has declined..So far I have avoided the current infection that is bad here in Texas

    I have visited most of the Mexican states and particularly like Oaxaca and Yucatán for the archeological sites. When I lived in Brownsville on the Texas border, I used to take the overnight bus to Mexico City and visit historical and archeological sites.

  • Carole Sheaves - 5 weeks ago

    I would never go to the private hospital in La Penita. Biggest crook dr ever++++++
    Lucky if you survive in that hospital even with something minor like a sore throat. He will soon give you enough drugs to immobilize you & a drastic diagnosis. Be careful. Don’t go there!
    Take your chances in public hospitals or better yet, stay home this year, as difficult as it may be. Leave the overcrowded hospitals for the Mexicans. Don’t overwhelm their already overloaded COVID care. Sent them good wishes & we will return when a vaccine is ready.
    We love you Mexican Amigoes.. a Canuck

  • Sandra Kral - 5 weeks ago

    I rely on IMSS since I can't get private insurance. I used to have a monthly appt. at my assigned clinic, but I haven't been in months. I've been buying my medicines myself. It's just too crowded, and it makes me anxious to be around people who are not wearing masks, and in a poorly ventilated building. I think the hospitals would be the same. Very crowded now, and not enough safety. I think highly of the job that IMSS does, and have been grateful to have it. But with COVID, I'll try private first.

  • George - 5 weeks ago

    Well, I’ll Start by looking elsewhere. But these hospitals are OK, too. My goal is to just get stabilized. I have an air-ambulance pre-paid policy to get me back to my Medicare doctors and hospitals for care back home among kin and friends in Dallas.

  • Chris - 5 weeks ago

    I just got over Covid in Arizona, I went to the hospital only for fluids. It was probably the worst flu I have ever experienced but I survived. I am 69 with Asthma, COPD and Lupus; bed rest and lots of fluids and chicken soup got us through. My husband is still short of breath with a cough. He has had 2 lung surgeries in the past, has COPD. Can't get a Dr to see him without going to ER. All he needs are antibiotics. He does not want to go to Hospital.

  • Otto - 5 weeks ago

    We will use IMSS as last resort!

  • Patrick Alcatraz - 5 weeks ago

    The alternatives are these: A slow, excruciating death punctuated by horrible, mess-like-no-other incontinence, ceaseless barfing of God-awful bile and a hellacious gasping for oxygen that never comes. Covid-19 is a KILLER! Don't ever forget that oft-forgotten fact. A second scenario would have you dying in bed before the fight for Life would somehow roust your bag of bones off the saggy sack for a wild sprint to the living room and then on outside, where the last thing you would see as your eyeballs shutdown would be a bank of clouds moseying nicely on across the sky. Terrible shouts and screams, speaking to the desire to live there near the end, would foam from your heavier-than-steel mouth, your aging lungs aflame and your road-whipped brain telling you things are about to be over. GO TO IMSS, or whatever freaking medical outlet you may have in your town!!! Only a fool dies without a fight...

  • Skooby - 5 weeks ago

    I wouldn't go to any hospital w covid treatment, unless I was dying, at which time wouldn't matter which one it was.

  • Maria - 5 weeks ago

    Private clinics Only of course if you have a suitcase full of money Staying home and treat yourself gives you a better chance to survive them going to the IMSS

  • Lou - 5 weeks ago

    What ARE the alternatives? Like Danny I would need more information but as of right now I’d say no to IMSS

  • Danny - 5 weeks ago

    What are the alternatives? Cannot cast a vote unless one has sufficient info.

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