Have changes in the hours of service regulations been of any benefit to you?

  • Steve - 10 months ago

    These changes would be great but I am limited to the Elog App. Once the App has implemented the changes to their rules and time clocks, i will benefit greatly.

  • Edward Reeh - 10 months ago

    I usually stop for 30 minutes to a hour like I've always have but I also drive average 600 miles a day 5 days a week I get paid by the hour this kinda don't help me to much if I log off duty or sleeper I don't get paid and it lengthens my day day .the only advantage is the 2 hour adverse conditions now don't have to worry about time to much.

  • JB - 10 months ago

    The new 30 minute on duty break rule and the 8 hour driving time rule are great. Now I never feel tired or sleepy when I am driving.

  • Berthony Dutes - 10 months ago

    if you split the 10 hrs by 5&5 it would be great

  • Jim - 10 months ago

    Love it. At last we are getting some senceable regulations.

  • Edward k Peoples - 10 months ago

    Yeah it's gonna be great for me running back an forth to LA. An Phx. !!!

  • Brad - 10 months ago

    Love the way the 30 min break is now. The old way made my day longer. Now I never have to worry about making sure I get the break in. Because It automatically kicks in when your stopped for 30 min of on duty. Plus I never drive more than 8 hours the majority of the time anyways.

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