If Joe Biden is declared the winner of the 2020 election, will you consider him a legitimate president (Poll Closed)

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  • RJ Mack - 8 months ago

    DemonRats are filled with hatred and division. They have undermined this President since the day he declared his intention to run. Now they expect us "Chumps" to accept their blatant theft of this election? Not going to happen. We are fortunate that we finally have a Republican POTUS who has the fortitude to fight for our nation and our people! Trump WILL PREVAIL. It is Providence!

  • michael morris - 8 months ago

    The Democrats are a lying group of cheaters on a massive scale . I could see their fraud on 11\3 when Pelosi said that Trump should take losing like a man. That ugly fucking bitch should be hung by the neck until dead! The Democrats are criminals in every way shape and form. The last four years should be a
    signal of what their about. The entire Obama administration should be in jail for supporting a coup. They are the most evil pos I have ever seen. They will never get any cooperation from me. And I will fuck them over every chance I get. Fuck you Dems,Antifa,BLM. and marxist. This is fucking war!!!!!!!

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