Are you buying anything this year at the Buen Fin shopping event?
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  • George - 11 months ago

    You bet. I replaced a poorly performing but still working bedroom TV with a new, bigger-screen SONY at Liverpool. It was on sale at a much greater discount I’d typically bargain for.

    Also decided to replace my 10-year-old-plus TelCel phone with one that doesn’t require a hunt each time to get a signal. The old one worked, but it was quite a hassle.

    Both Liverpool and the TelCel tienda were following rigorous COVID-19 requirements.

  • Patrick Alcatraz - 11 months ago

    What a zany poll question! You buy what you buy when you buy it. Sheeeeesh, man, why make it some nefarious undertaking? Covid-19? Well, sure that's a concern, but not when you absolutely need a Mr. Coffee or a box of after-dinner mints. Life is going on, Fer Chrissakes! You wake up alive and it's another go-round with our Coronavirus game of chance. Buen Fin means "Good Ending," so take that into account and stop fearing FEAR. There's a better question in your question somewhere, although my mind rarely goes to mass commerce. I buy when I buy and that's that. No need to glorify or denigrate this particular promotion. Black Friday sales are big in the U.S., as is Amazon Prime Day. Nothing's changed there, lads. We humans are consumers forever addicted to our toys, appliances, grub, clothing and the like. Some people even say it makes them feel good to spend money during this pandemic. Yeah, it's something to do. Shopping helps local businesses, and that's something else to consider as you fix that road-tired bowl of porridge and go read "Goldilocks and The Three Bears" yet one more time...

  • Sandra Kral - 11 months ago

    I'm buying only from online offers, I'm not going to stores in person.

  • Skooby - 11 months ago

    I bought a large purchase yesterday at one of the malls in Cancun. Saved $200. Would have been a lot more in the US.

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