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Which anagram made you want to pull your HARE out?

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  • Marga - 3 years ago

    I got 'BRIOT' for orbit -- cheesy

  • Chris Stowell - 3 years ago

    Poor jumble because it did not flow from cartoon or characters

  • Mike - 3 years ago

    HE was used on Buni so it would be too confusing to use again on Gingerbread Man. You’d have a “tough” time figuring out which HE the sentence was referring to. Ryan Pagelow rocked it!

  • Don - 3 years ago

    Totally agree. “It” was very misleading

  • tom - 3 years ago

    Exactly the gingerbread man is a he, I was focusing on the game itself "because IT was" too difficult or something if they had he I would have got that immediately very very very very misleading right on Mark.

  • Joe - 3 years ago

    Tough is the wrong word usually associated with strength smart would’ve been a better word he was smart at chess therefore he beat them all the time

  • Marilyn - 3 years ago

    I'm with Mark. The Gingerbread man is a he. Very misleading.

  • Jim good - 3 years ago

    Like to be able to at least have an idea but this one was way over the top ! Make them more familiar with life!!

  • Mark - 3 years ago

    Gingerbread man is a he, not an it

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