Best of CBB, 2020 (Vote for 10 of Your Favorites)

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  • Vidit - 2 months ago

    TJ Maxx Girl, Francesca Bolognese, Thomas Middle-D, Gino Carpuzzi, Benny Schwartz, Captain Squawks and Littlemember, Dan Lippert, Drew Traver...what a year!

  • JASON MCVAY - 2 months ago

    Don't sleep on Gigantic Dan (ep 648)!

  • Ryne - 2 months ago

    Douglas Gropes' cakes were just so wet in episode 666.

  • Bozek - 2 months ago

    I hope fall olympics makes it into the top 10. CBB with the great, GREAT save for getting me through 2020.

  • Jenny M - 2 months ago

    My highlights:
    - Grax the World Eater (no love for this one in the comments yet!? I died.)
    - The entire One Last Heist
    - Canon Relapse was the most ADD thing ever
    - Captain Squawks and Littlemember
    - The mention of the Doctor Fauci Bobblehead
    - The christian poolboy who loved to get wet
    - Anything Francesca Bolognese telling bed bath & beyond customers to drive off a cliff

    And I must add, I listened to Heinrich Heimlich on The Heimlich Remix while IN LABOR delivering my first child so I feel like that needs to be said publicly.

  • Yohn Newman - 2 months ago

    Alright Scott, you take care now

  • viktor enstrom - 2 months ago


  • Kyle - 2 months ago

    I'll try to come back and discuss my list, but here they are in chronological order:


    I can't believe this is my first time voting. Longtime fan! Thanks guys

  • The Swears - 2 months ago

    (Previously on Comedy Bang Bang)...
    Anything with my man Tommy Middle-D.
    Also new Calvin's Triplets!
    A lot of good eps in 2020 the best year yet.

  • Jeff - 2 months ago

    All of these were SOLIDLY in the 600s!

  • Andrew - 2 months ago

    #663 - P.A.I.G.E. is Magic and #668 - Four Siblings were my absolute favorites this year! Honorable mention to the very last eligible episode (#683) with Ego whishing she had done a different character!

  • Barold - 3 months ago

    Vote and save the Monster Fuck!

  • Alex - 3 months ago

    I've listened to CBB for probably 3 or 4 years now, but I finally voted for the first time! I feel so patriotic :P

  • divaTy - 3 months ago

    Stop the count!

  • Colin - 3 months ago

    Voted a straight Big Grande ticket

  • em - 3 months ago

    if hamburger spider doesn't make it on the list i-

  • Tomato - 3 months ago

    ORDER OF THE KEEPERS! Listened to that ep a few times this year. Goose Tycoon a close second. Ha haah, you take care

  • Lil Burt - 3 months ago

    Goose Tycoon all the way. Also anything with Carl Tart.

  • Dave - 3 months ago

    This was very hard to do. So many great, memorable eps this year! I could have easily done a top 25. One Last Heist was a definite standout for me, it’s the first time Jason gets to hear the Gangster’s Paradise version of the closing up the plug bag theme!

  • Jeff - 3 months ago

    Nothing made me laugh harder this year than Matt Gourley as P.A.I.G.E. That was a masterpiece.

  • Amelia Rogers - 3 months ago

    TJ Maxx girl makes me laugh whenever I see "Verdana" decor.

  • Eric Kirby - 3 months ago

    Episode 638, the Cincinnati Playboy!!!

    Like a delicious and horrific Skyline Chili, this episode combines the bold flavor of Jason Mantzoukas, the always reliable Shaun Diston with just a dash of Tim Blatz as the Cincinnati playboy to add some spice.

  • Shape Less - 3 months ago

    Longtime listener, first time voter, nonstop caller. Drew Tarver, Dan Lippert, Thomas Middleditch and Carl Tart KILLED it this year!

  • sergio soto - 3 months ago

    Just voted!! Super happy to do it. Thanks for the laughs in this laughless year!!!

  • Fidel Cruz - 3 months ago

    Antonio lambrinidis 10-2-10 world
    Jazz Jazz braided
    Sonicolo 5?6?
    Cumplay Orville is a head
    I love OJ and coke
    Gino carpuzzi can be my lawyer in the future

  • Li Bell - 3 months ago

    Toss up between Canon relapse and when they killed Hot Dog

  • Catherine - 3 months ago

    Aunt Donna yes
    And PAIGE

  • Paul Lafferty - 3 months ago

    So many amazing episodes to choose from. Canon Relapse is my favourite though.. just perfectly crazy with added Cake Boss (Cake Boss) just for good measure.

  • Phil McCracken - 3 months ago

    Ron Paul 2012
    You take care now alright

  • Egg Helms - 3 months ago

    First time long time
    Well done on Aunty Donna and another excellent year
    Looking forward to the best ofs
    Big love from down under

  • Joshua Rice - 3 months ago

    I look forward to PFT losing the number 1 episode, and demanding a recount, and refusing to concede.

  • whats up hamburger - 3 months ago

    Alright Scott you take care

  • Kraang - 3 months ago

    Thanks for the laughs!

  • Legthief - 3 months ago

    Remember folks, if PFT isn't featured in AT LEAST 80-90% of the top episodes of 2020, there WILL be hell to pay.

  • Matt - 3 months ago

    Another great year in the books; thanks, Scott! CBB is the first thing I look forward to every week.

  • Devlin Leroux - 3 months ago

    Francesca Bolognese is the best new karack all year!

  • Ellen Degenerate - 3 months ago

    If Bill Walton doesn't make the top 10, we'll riot at home.

  • JasonBob87 - 3 months ago

    Time to vote for the episodes we feel are C+
    (Drums) You take care.

  • Ernst Max - 3 months ago

    The real voting 2020 needed.

  • Cam - 3 months ago

    Tough year ! Great choices !! Thanks

  • Sam Jepsen - 3 months ago

    Love me some Comedy Bing Bong. Thanks for the laughs during this rough year!

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