How do you playtest/goldfish your Commander decks outside of multiplayer games?


  • Foniascat08 - 3 years ago

    I use which has a play test feature but, I can only use that against a physical deck of mine.

  • Brandon Foster - 3 years ago

    Has anybody discussed brash taunter/ pariah? Mardu group slug with earthquake and the like? Just curious because I just completed a Queen Marchesa EDH built like that, but I haven't tested or played it yet. Or is that just bad magic? Mine is built to protect my board and tutor-fetch to get the pieces, along with urborg, tomb of yawgmoth, cabal coffers and mana flare... I'm thinking I'll get arched venture bros style real quick...

  • dae - 3 years ago

    physicaly against my other decks 3-4 to simulate multiplayer. duel deck i dont bother to test them much

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