Is Mexico up to the task of punishing criminals?

  • Antonio - 1 month ago

    The big problem is the cartels. They influence, bribe, threaten and kill anyone who goes against their wishes. Politician's, judge's, police personnel, all work for the cartels. They would forgo their integrity for a wad of bills. For example the incident involving el chapos son. The police could have arrested him. Instead AMLO wished him well!!!. Corruption begins with the president and trickles down through the judicial system, the police, evan the military. There's no easy fix for Mexico. I think the united states needs to be the bully and eradicate the cartels. We could kill two bird's with one stone. Get rid of mexico's problem and the drugs destroying the united states.

  • Fernando Betanzos - 1 month ago

    95% of above published comments are from gringos living in Mexico. I am not sure they know that USA and Mexico live different law standards. USA goes by old AngloSaxon law principles. Mexico goes by Napoleonic Codes and Roman Law principles. These two principles -- the one which rules USA, and the one we have in Mexico, are as far one from the other as England is from Rome -- or Mexico for this matter. I suggest writers to visit Wikipedia and learn the enormous differences beteeen these two legal principles. It will serve them during their stay in Mexico -- and whenever they may return home.

  • Werner - 1 month ago

    Tara L. Davis is irrelevant.

  • Maureen Brown - 1 month ago

    I live in Mexico
    I love Mexico, the people, the weather.

    They are scared, afraid. They learn of the crime and see no help to eradicate the crime.
    I had an experience to call the police
    NO HELP!!!!!

  • Dick Flashy - 1 month ago

    AMLO is corrupt because Donald Trump is corrupt.

  • Tara L. Davis - 1 month ago

    The question is irrelevant as the present president and his family and cronies and cabinet are by far the most corrupt in all the history of Mexico - without a doubt.!!

  • Ces Michel - 1 month ago

    Never gonna happen. Mexican Govt pressures a foreign power to drop charges... why?? Cause he’s going to sing like a canary and expose the current Govt squad of bandidos . Corruption is woven into the fabric of México’s political, business and civil service culture. You see it every day... hard working common folk getting screwed by the rich and powerful. Just look at the schools, hospitals, roads, social services, etc. Where does the money that should be spent there go? México is afflicted with a cancer that cripples but never kills and it has spread throughout the body

  • Werner - 1 month ago

    This poll is mostly relying on foreigners opinions which means its biased since most have no clue how mexican law works. Yes its far from perfect like in most other countries, but this country had for 100 years a one party running the place. Corruption is widespread since the former rulers were all supporting it to stay in power. Mexico is at a turning stage of history, yes the current administration is not perfect, actually I cannot think of any other countries administrations being perfec.
    Now lets not judge and give the country a chance to try to proof that they actually start dealing with corruption, of course the country needs the help form the Northern neighbor who fuels the corruption by selling arms across the border and facilitating drugs to cross into their border!

  • Don - 1 month ago

    It will take the political will of the people to have the politicians punish the criminals.
    Many many people make a good living off the criminal activities and I imagine don’t support the government shutting that down.
    So until enough of the people want the criminals gone the politicians will never have the support it needs to be able to do it.

  • George - 1 month ago

    Really hard to tell. Sure there are a bunch of arrests and charges filed. But that seems to be it. No follow-up on trials, convictions if guilty, and the sentences imposed

    .plenty of politicians running for office on the platform of cleaning everything up once and for all. And then, they’re under investigation for the same kinds of corruption.

  • Bob - 1 month ago

    No. People are caught stealing, cheating, taking bank accounts, and nothing happens, amperos etc. paying off judges and courts. Can not trust the police or legal system at all.

  • robert corkrum - 1 month ago

    No.When a crime is committed who can you go to?Most of the times the police are not trained to solve crimes.Theft and fraud are accepted.The legal system from top to bottom is broken.For visitor or tourist it is a big problem.We know of the cartels power and hear of the corruption so it must be O.K. Bribes are everywhere and standard practice.The lack of ANY tax system that works is a big problem,reporting is left to the honest and the rich get richer. While acceptable services are below decent levels because there are not enough funds left after all the thievery is done.Too many poor people are a terrible situation. Bob

  • Patrick Alcatraz - 1 month ago

    Odd question. Has it ever been? Have other countries ever been "up to the task of punishing criminals." NO! The list of Ollie Norths and Roger Stones is a lengthy list. Was the Watergate crook Richard Milhouse Nixon really punished? The Confederate traitor Robert E. Lee? True punishment is both obvious and accounted for - Saddam Hussein, Manuel Noriega, Moammar Khadafy, Osama Bin Laden. El General Francisco Villa indeed was punished, not by a court of law, but by a spectacular rain of seemingly endless gunfire, the bullets ripping into his body to frame one great, never-recorded corrido in its own right. They killed the rebel Pancho like they killed Bonnie & Clyde and John Dillinger, justice from the barrel of a gun. Sing it with me and Connie Francis one more time, baby: "...Everybody's somebody's fool, everybody's somebody's plaything..."

  • Robert Palmer - 1 month ago

    I truly believe that most of Mexico's problems are tied to corruption which stems from the top down and is rooted in the barter system.

  • Silentz - 1 month ago

    When Christ asked his Father to forgive them for they know not what they do, while being tortured, was he invoking a midnight amparo and impunity for a sicario? Is ignorance of the ;aw an excusable offense?

  • Jim - 1 month ago

    Hilarious. Their stance on corruption is as laughable as their restriction on legalized marijuana that users are not allowed to use it in front of children. I think most fair-minded people do not have much faith in Mexico's legal system, much less their law enforcement system. And that will not change for many generations, if at all.

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