Is the ethics guide a useful tool to strengthen values or would government resources have been better spent elsewhere?

  • Werner - 6 weeks ago

    Hey, El Codo, of course there is no ethics in drowning. Duh......

  • -El -Codo- - 6 weeks ago

    People lined up at a damaged pipeline with buckets to capture "free" gasoline or in my case gringo expats looting a fellow ex Pat's home after he drowned tells me all I don't want to know about "ethics". It doesn't exist. To me, only threats of draconian penalties have any chance of thwarting these dregs of society.

  • Mary - 6 weeks ago

    robert corkrum, you should be seek help.

  • Robert Corkrum - 6 weeks ago

    Sorry for that last comment. Hadn't had my beer yet.

  • robert corkrum - 1 month ago

    When I walk to town I wear a mask.If you can't get Mexicans to do something as obvious to help reduce a virus,how can you expect to change a policy of "I care ONLY for myself"! The tourists come here and many do not wear masks!Do the hotels,resorts,etc.promote this policy and tell them they are in Mexico "you don't have to do anything you don't want to" as Mexicans do .Get the worthless cops and military to enforce a policy of protecting others by wearing a mask OR !!Just complain and bitch and do nothing as normal.

  • Mary - 1 month ago

    There comes a point where nothing seems to be working. Land is owned by foreigners who pay minimum wages to locals and sell those goods at high prices elsewhere in the world. Wealth is created by accumulating assets then raising prices where average people cannot afford buy or rent them (food, housing, transportation, education, healthcare, etc). People continue to go further in debt and despair, not knowing how to stop the downward spiral. AMLO now recognize how little he can do to change this ingrained system. So he is trying to re-establish a code of ethical behaviour, social responsibility, etc within Mexico. He is starting off with the seniors who mostly remember 'what is was like' and then will introduce it to the youngest students. He is trying to instill a 'value' system where it has been forgotten. You have to start somewhere... This is too big for just one person to tackle. Unfortunately it is not just a Mexico problem. It is world wide. Bribery and corruption are everywhere, even in the most religious of countries. It will take a world effort to tackle societies lack of honesty and morals. We must regain that sense of 'personal responsibility' and 'fairness' if anything is going to improve.

  • Stephen Quaglia - 1 month ago

    Okay, I was just joking.

  • George - 1 month ago

    The rewards and benefits of an ethical and moral behavior have got to be greater than those gained through greed, corruption and exploitation.

    And the incentive becomes even greater when convinced by decades and decades of seeing others get away with it. And even when caught during a brief politically inspired round-up, nothing seems to happen. Those who get caught simply buy their way out of it to others on the take.

    As a starter, perhaps the money spent on this booklet would better serve to address the root causes that make corruption so easy, safe and worthwhile in the first place.

  • Patrick Alcatraz - 1 month ago

    Ethics, like charm and fleeting romance, is all in the individual. You cannot legislate "Ethics" in the same way that you can pass a law against buggery. That lesson has come down through the ages, from Nero to Lenin, to Hitler, to Trump, to AMLO. I say once again: ALL POLITICIANS SHOULD BE TREATED LIKE DOGS. Do not praise them, do not coddle them, do not fawn over them. That is opium straight to the veins of the vain. Ethics died a long, long time again Mejico. It died a vicious, painful death, but it nonetheless died. Bang the drum slowly, Maria Felix. Sing to me Rocio Durcal. Dance for me, Cantinflas. Drink to me, Piporro. We are at a party of infidels, all of them politicians speaking about La Patria, speaking for themselves. El Zocalo is the New Frontier. AMLO is NOT the Chosen One, never was. Let's gather by the roaring campfire one more time to sing:
    Now we're old and grey, Fernando
    And since many years I haven't seen a rifle in your hand
    Can you hear the drums, Fernando
    Do you still recall the frightful night we crossed the Rio Grande
    I can see it in your eyes
    How proud you were to fight for freedom in this land...

  • Stephen Quaglia - 1 month ago

    Mexico is a near ungovernable country. AMLO emphasis on ethics and rehabilitation is in sharp contrast to the Populist President's of USA, Brazil, and the Philippines to highlight three
    Mexico must consider the safety and security of its citizens and must begin to lead ethically.

  • Fernando Betanzos - 1 month ago

    A fewdays ago, President AMLO, referring to an international report placing Mexico at the bottom of a list of 53 countries´ handling of the COVID-19 PANDEMIA, said that Mexicans DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING. MEXICANS DO NOT READ, he said. Now he presents "his Bible" or Ethical and Moral Guide. What for? Mexicans don´t read -- so he said. Why bother?? President AMLO has said and said ove and aver again that criminals should not be punished. They shoulb be reprimandad by their Granmas... He accuses ALL past Government Officials of being corrupt, but has failed to bring to court any, save for perhaps 3. Is it ethical to say that ALL PAST OFFICERS are corrupt when he cannot prove it. No, it is not ethical and to publish this book is not ethical either for AMLO. He, President AMLO lies every day in his "Mañanera conferences", To lie is not moral, nor ethical. President AMLO should preach with examples..., not words.

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