Do you feel defensive of where you are from?


  • LaKeta Chism-Williams - 3 years ago

    Per the poll, I answered "no", but every now & then I get people asking "There's black people in Nebraska?" Bitch, WE EVERYWHERE! That's less a defense of where I'm from & a reminder that we outchea, lol.

  • Doug B - 3 years ago

    Yes. Most of my family moved in The Great Migration to Detroit. Even though I spent most of my 36 years outside of Detroit, I’ll always be protective of it, except when it’s joke time. That’s only because Detroit, like Chicago, is used as code for Blacks. Granted, there’s been wild, wild things and people in Detroit. Damn, I got family that contributed to some of that wild shit.

    But Detroit did ask for white flight, segregation, a lack of state & corporate investment, corruption, and white politicians going on record saying the want Detroit and Detroiters destroyed.

    To paraphrase Mr Both Sides, Van Jones, “don’t call them Detroiters. Call them Niggas!”

  • Alicia - 3 years ago

    Although I feel indifferent about where I'm from, Cobb county, GA where when the police pull you over no matter for what they ALWAYS call for extra back up and where white people are still proud of their confederate roots, I will get hella defensive if someone try to talk bad about it. I mean sure you have to deal with well meaning but still racists white people but thats everywhere.

  • mizzbarnes - 3 years ago

    Once upon a time, I didn't want t claim NC, but as I got older, we have so much flavor here. I mean, in Charlotte, for example, we have an award winning podcast may or may not have heard of them, I think the guy is named Reggie and his wife, Karen and they are sponsored by Arbys :D

  • Bryttani - 3 years ago

    I also did not listen to the episode yet so my comment most likely has nothing to do with it. Ok, bye for real now.

  • Bryttani - 3 years ago

    I said I hate where I'm from and I do! I'm only living here again because of family things. BTW I'm from Ft Worth Texas, where these dummies either don't believe in covid-19 or they don't care about living. I am 98.5% sure I had some cousins or just people I know in that Tru Kitchen nonsense in Dallas having fun and catching covid to take back to their parents or grandparents that's why my kids and I stay home and don't fool with folks. and I've only heard Tru has bad customer service and the food is too high but it's good My sister and her husband spent $250 on two meals and drinks and the wait is always too long. Anyway now I'm just kinda typing too much. All I wanted to say is I hate it here. Bye y'all!

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