Did your family pass down recipes accurately?


  • Kemdoc - 3 years ago

    I asked my mom how does she season meat and she said well you quote unquote will get to know your hand when you season. Something takes over when you’re shaking that tells you this is just right or I’ve added a bit too much salt. I hung up thinking huhhhh. That’s simply no help.

    Turns out she’s absolutely right. I instinctively know when to stop. There’s no rhyme or reason. Just a feeling. And my food has been pretty sensational in the pantalones so I thank her for the super vague tarot card reader-esque advice on seasoning. I look forward to confusing future generations and not passing down recipes!!

  • EvieE - 3 years ago

    I never saw my grandmother use a recipe or measure anything out. My mom was the same way and I just learned by experimenting and taste. So when I have a get together and people ask me for a recipe, I can’t really write down a recipe because I don’t use them and when I estimate the amount of ingredients I use they say it doesn’t taste the same as mine. I guess I have become that black auntie.

  • Doug B - 3 years ago

    I’m still try to figure out how much ingredient is “you’ll know” or “just enough, but. It too much” is.

  • BlueWaveRider - 3 years ago

    You will stop that disrespect of Arby's - RIGHT NOW!!!! Be sure you send me ALL them Arby's gift cards cause my black ass will use them.

    On another note. Where are the show notes in Spotify?

  • Mizzbarnes - 3 years ago

    My mom passed away in 2013 and myself and my sisters found her notebooks full of receipes. We were looking for her pound cake receipe and sadly, we discovered that she took that gem with her. To this day, 7 years later, my sisters think that I have the notebook with that receipe and I looking at them like, they are holding out.....lol!

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