How likely are you to get a COVID-19 vaccine when available to professional drivers?

  • Melanie - 5 months ago

    I will not be taking any vaccine no matter what they tell me I have many friends that are Dr’s in every field they all have told me the danger of the vaccines and have read the Data and done there research on them they told me they won’t be taking them as well and showed me the Data so that will be a BIG NO for myself!!!

  • JP - 5 months ago

    The ignorance of all drivers aren't in this together is simple for people behind a desk, behind a dispatching phone or the ones arguing about right or left agenda on Quora. However, when people are dying are of the virus and you have a chance to prevent, why wouldn't you.

    A shot in the arm or a shot in the head is a gamble either way as it was put. But if you can continue on for your family by a shot a in the arm why wouldn't you? When was the last time you took an over the counter Rx for a sore ache or headache that is given because healthy immune? Exactly, I'll take the shot.

    If you dont want to claim you don't stand by your fellow driver nor claim them as your family. You Sir are a fraud.

  • Gregory Duda - 5 months ago

    The very statement we're all in this together is a fraud their are too many rulers and media pundits that show an amazing ability to read what ever is put in front of them but their own actions prove that they are just pushing an agenda that they have no intention of following. Fact 98.8 of the population will not be effected or will recover your own immune system is there to protect you the US has some if the most advanced medical capabilities on the planet but alas the sickest population our own USDA allows thing in our diet most of the planet outright bans and our own FDA allows drugs on the market that are outright deadly can we say Tylenol or addicting Oxycontin but we are told to blindly accept the vaccine by the world renowned FDA I will put my Faith in my own immune system and health protocols as the say a Shot in the Arm or a Shot to the Head you'll still be dead.

  • JP - 5 months ago

    Already took the 1st dose of the Moderma vaccine... Don't be fooled... Get VACCINATED safe yourself and your family. Keep safe Family we are all in this together.

  • mousekiller - 5 months ago

    Many years ago I took the flu shot. I got so sick I thought I was going to die. 2 days in the hospital . So NO I do not wish to repeat that . NO I will not take it .Today no one is telling the public the potential negative effects of the corona shots they can expect. Just an occasional TV quip about a health care worker having a reaction.

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