Will limits on the activities of foreign agents hamper efforts to curb organized crime?

  • Michael Mosby - 4 weeks ago

    How about an all volunteer elite multi national team of special forces sponsored by nations worldwide to make war on drug lords, Terrorist, and bad guys in general wherever they are?

  • M. C. Marquis - 4 weeks ago

    The US $2000 is not the problem its the foreign give away attached to the bill when Americans need the help .... I think once Americans are well then the money should flow to help other Nations...Thank you

  • -El Codo- - 4 weeks ago

    I go both ways. Sometimes it's good to have U.S. agents helping and sometimes it is not. We got no help in the investigation of the Jenny Rivera jet crash, while we had hundreds of U.S. agents after the murder of DEA agent Enrique Camarena. So I'm okay with it sometimes.

  • David J - 4 weeks ago

    That guy is not the real David J. He may be incarnate, or maybe he isn't, but he's the fake one here. And I do enjoy my Jose Cuervo, sometimes too much.

  • David J - 4 weeks ago

    Someone claiming I was drunk. Pretty funny ...since I am Jesus Christ incarnate. Is it that easy to hack?

  • David J - 4 weeks ago

    Sorry, I was drunk when I posted my earlier comment.

  • Patrick Alcatraz - 5 weeks ago

    Upon reflection, I do believe that Mexico should make some allowances and allow U.S. agents to aid in the fight against the cartels and crime in general. Mexico is a sovereign nation, but it also takes $444 million annually from Americans in Foreign Aid. It is not the top moocher, as Israel gets $3.3 billion to head the list. What we get in return often is nothing more than a willingness to consider our position on geopolitics. Americans are today angry about this U.S. largesse, especially as this aid was included in the latest bit of legislation that also included some aid to Coronavirus-strapped American citizens ($600). Trump is holding that payment up, saying he'd rather okay $2,000 checks to most Americans. But the Republican Party-led U.S. Senate is never going to go for that amount. Imagine giving taxpayers - not millions or billions - but $600, this in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, this after the U.S. government ordered business shut and this after many of its citizens lost those jobs and that income. A year of NO FOREIGN AID would be in order...

  • David J - 5 weeks ago

    Politicians ,elites and drug lords are always working together. If you start looking at the drug industry as a giant Corporation with a sizable contribution to real GDP the you start to understand why the Industry exists. Too many people get paid to turn a blind eye and too many people are on the payroll. You need to see drug lords as lobbyists , ones that have far more persuasive means of getting politicians to do what they want.
    There is only one way to end the cartels and that is to make drugs legal, cheap ,and safe in all of North America. I am positive that the bad consequences of the legal drugs on a portion of society will be much less than if we keep Prohibition.

  • Workhorse - 5 weeks ago

    Let me clear up my earlier comment: not up to the U.S. to police Mexico. That's clear to me. Sorry, I had too much to drink yesterday. Am losing ground to alcohol thanks to Covid.

  • Patrick Alcatraz - 5 weeks ago

    I reel at the ignorance and stereotyping of this unique and historical relationship fashioned over long decades by these two neighboring countries. Problems chase all relationships. The U.S. has in the past involved itself in Mexico's woes, and always to the detriment of a True, Equitable Relationship. Both countries have their socio-political problems, yet. here, we wish Americans meddling in Mexican soil? Tsk, tsk. What if Mexican soldiers/police/spies/military types were to announce a clean-up foray to the U.S.? How would that sit with the Yanks? Of course. Be glad for differences, for uniqueness, for the opportunity to enjoy a neighbor's welcoming backyard. There is enough to snipe at in the grass-whorled states these days, some say more than enough. The people of Mexico will keep doing their Life Impulse...

  • robert corkrum - 5 weeks ago

    Correction: I do believe Mexico is a sovereign country that should either okay or deny foreign intrusion. Sorry. I hadn't had my alcohol before my earlier posting.

  • Jacob - 5 weeks ago

    As long as corruption and impunity levels are not diminished or at least controlled, this country will not be able to curb organized crime. From what we know, the foreign agents are, at least, not as corrupt as the entire judicial process of Mexico.

  • Workhorse - 5 weeks ago

    Well, it certainly will. Mexico doesn't have the resources, not the money, not the trained police, not the fully trained military. Other than that Mexico is well positioned to take over, LOL jejeje

  • Mark Smith - 5 weeks ago

    No! Limits on the activities of foreign agents, such as those who took part in Operation Fast and Furious when the DEA supplied weapons to a drug cartel, are the only possible way to fight organized crime when it is sponsored by a foreign government.

  • robert corkrum - 5 weeks ago

    ,YES Yes, How can anybody think that when a drug bust or any major crime is prevented from being reported by mountains of paperwork, or letting the criminals friends know who and when it happened, who made the arrest, their evidence etc. that it will not hamper justice from being done. The current system is a bad joke and even when someone or cartel gets caught there is always a politican, judge ,cop or someone else waiting for a payoff to mess up the fair trial from getting the results that are needed.AGAIN Mexicans will never improve the problems that hold back this country until they get involved and take action to hold the criminals responsible and make them pay and pay.

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