Have you ever done psychedelics?


  • Alicia - 3 years ago

    I voted no and I am black but I would love to try some shrooms or that stuff the shamans give you. But like where the hell does a regular girl with no white friends find that kinda stuff?

  • LaKeta - 3 years ago

    I voted no, but I turn 40 this year & GOTDAMMIT I wanna talk to the grass & the grass talks back! Lmao

  • ShayDeeDame - 3 years ago

    My sister uses psychedelics in therapy to help with allllll of the trauma that she’s endured in this life.
    She said that it works wonders, and has helped things “click”. Without putting too much of her business in the street, I’ve seen her make advances that talk therapy would have taken MUCH longer. She’s had hella breakthroughs and we discuss her “lightbulb” moments often.
    According to my sister, with ptsd, talk therapy can only take you so far.
    She’s been doing lsd/shrooms since summer and she’s improved by leaps and bounds. PTSD is real, and can be debilitating for many.
    It works WONDERS, though it’s really expensive, and most insurance won’t pay for it without requiring that you jump through hoops.
    I’m sure that she was open to it as an option because our parents were always more than open to therapy, and thankfully, they were open to having us in therapy early and often.
    Yes, we’re privileged to have had a foundation that allowed us to explore mental health, and she’s privileged enough to have great health insurance through her job, and the means to pay the copay for the treatment and meds.
    It works wonders, so if you can, DO it! Helps cut out all of the noise.

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