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Which anagram slipped right BAYOU?

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  • ALA - 3 years ago

    Terrible pun. Plus has nothing to do with golf

  • Janet - 3 years ago

    Yeah, I hate to "cheat" but I never would have gotten that.

  • Matt Bailey - 3 years ago

    Difficult for somebody come on once I put the two peas together apprehension just rolled out. Had more trouble with genius which I’m self proclaimed. Happy new year ha ha Ha I’m better than everybody else.!

  • Michael - 3 years ago

    This answer actually makes perfect sense. However it is one of the more difficult puzzles. I did not get the answer but on learning it, it makes perfect sense!

  • William Truttschel - 3 years ago


  • Angela - 3 years ago

    I didn’t realize that the comments shift to the top each time...So mine should read...”Dan...below”.

  • Angela - 3 years ago

    Today’s solution is far from dumb. If you take the time to think about the word APPREHENSION, it all falls into place. Dan, above hit the nail right on the head...and if you’ve read my post, I think I’ve explained it quite well. The difference with today’s puzzle is that there’s really no “pun” involved...it’s more the definition of the word as it applies to the two different meanings. Personally, I find it brilliant...You just need to think openly about the word APPREHENSION. Wishing you all a good day...Be well, and stay safe out there...

  • Bill - 3 years ago

    Not one of your better puzzles. I get it , but IMHO it is really reaching. Never would have guessed this answer.

  • Laura - 3 years ago

    I don't get how the answer is related to the picture AT ALL. I saw a golf course, an alligator and thought it has to be something like par for the course, something that would relate to a golf course and an alligator on it. I would have never figured out the solution had I not come here.
    This was a dumb one.

  • Pj - 3 years ago


  • Dan - 3 years ago

    The two guys apprehended the alligator and the two people in the background are apprehensive about playing.

  • Christine - 3 years ago

    I don't get the connection of the illustration to the answer. Does anyone get it?

  • Brook - 3 years ago

    I got the right answer, but I don't really understand it!????????✨

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