Are you pretending to be a race you aren't right now?


  • Black Steve - 2 years ago

    Oh shit! Scam-inx My family's from Ethiopia. There are few of us (Ethiopians) who listen to the podcast that I have noticed through the FB group. I dont know any Amharic, my family speaks Tigrynia (good luck pronouncing that shit, Rod) but that is definitely a thing though. Some of us get to America and start acting brand new like changing their names from Biniyam to Ben or from Miriam to Mary or whatever. Hope you take it as a compliment though, our history is dope and we're all gorgeous too.

    lol but anyways i have been passing as Filipino for the last 6 months and I can already break dance. Shhhhh, don't tell noooo body (RIP John Witherspoon)

  • Scam-inx - 2 years ago

    I am a medium hued Black woman raised in NYC. Throughout middle school and high school, many of my friends of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent thought I was also Hispanic until some random Spanish word came up and I would ask them what it was. They would often say “What? I thought you were Hispanic.” But then (I guess the short sightedness of teenagers) would forget about that until the next time it happened. This happened enough that I was inspired to switch from learning French as a foreign language to Spanish. By sophomore year in college, I became pretty fluent in Spanish. Now anytime someone approaches me in the subway asking for directions in Spanish, I can respond right away without hesitation. I also have a very good Spanish accent because I spent a year abroad in a Spanish speaking country. Unless a Spanish speaking person explicitly asks me where I’m from, I’ve noticed they assume that I’m Hispanic. I moved to a new city within the last year and I noticed that quite a few of people assume that I’m Ethiopian because upon seeing me, they say an Amharic greeting to me. For a good 2 mins they keep talking to me in Amharic because they think that I might be ashamed of being Ethiopian and trying to pretend that I’m not Ethiopian however then when I double down that I don’t know what they are saying, they relent. This semi regular occurrence is giving me the idea to add Amharic to my foreign language list. Besides Spanish, I also speak French, German and Catalan (one of the other official languages in Spain).

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