Should iMessage be available on Android and Windows too?


  • Ryan - 3 years ago


  • Michelle Pendergrass - 3 years ago

    I found this article/blog, because I was checking to see if there is a way I can get an imessage compatible messaging app for my pixel. Because, people who have an Android messaging app see every message that an imessage user liked or disliked, or reacted to over and over for every person who liked it. So, if I'm in a thread with 5 other nurses and 4 of them have I phones, and one person is asking if we can see one of her patients, then everyone likes everything else that each person says, the poor Android user has to slog through 12 inches of repeated liked and disliked messages to figure out if their help is needed.
    Just ranting. ????

  • Donna J Somers - 3 years ago

    Especially during Covid this last year, I really wish that Apple would allow Android users to have Face Time. I am an Android person but my family our Apple users. It would be great if I could use Face Tme to be in touch with them.

  • Johnny - 3 years ago

    I would never probably use iMessage myself, but I do believe it should be available on every platform. And Google messages does have end-to-end encryption also.

  • VALERIE SHEPHERD - 3 years ago

    Why do I need iMessaging on an Android? I have
    message plus through Verizon and it's just fine I can text people on an iPhone or an Android. Also the native text app on an Android is just fine you can message anyone on an iPhone or Android. I have iMessaging on my work phone big flipping deal. Also if you're on an Android you have duo that you can use for video call. Why would I need FaceTime. I have an echo show my family has an echo show we can use that I don't need FaceTime. Apple products are not the all everything. as I said I have a personal Android and a work iPhone I prefer the Android much more.

  • Seth - 3 years ago

    I don't leave comments and I don't take polls, however, your article was so on point with my views on this topic that I had to say something. It's astonishing to me that Apple has refused to go cross platform with facetime and iMessage, they need to ditch the late 90s early 2000s mindset and grow up! It comes across to me as incredibly insecure about their place in people's digital life's, that they feel like they need to keep their users trapped in order to keep them in the ecosystem! It's like they don't even understand their own users, here's a news flash Apple, they're not going anywhere! Here's my parting message to Apple. You make a wonderful product that people love, ditch the insecurity and do the world a favor, go cross platform with Facetime and iMessage!

  • Dano - 3 years ago

    Now that Android has e2e encrypted RCS via Google messages, the case for iMessage on Android is stronger than ever.

    Apple could run iMessage for iOS to iOS, Android devices could fallback to encrypted RCS instead of SMS (we could make a whole new coloured bubble lol) and finally if RCS is not available for some reason fallback to SMS.

    That way no matter which platform you're using, you get rich texting features and e2e encryption unless SMS fallback happens. Why should rich texting features be limited to messages from IPhone to iPhone or Android to Android.. it's stupid and not in the users best interests

  • Sky A - 3 years ago

    I wish they would bring it to android and windows. I do like how android has the web messenger so you can send sms from a browser. I do like my iPhone but I’ve been serious thinking about switching to android for the sheer convenience factor, also I dislike how apple won’t even allow emulators onto the app store when it was so simple for me to download one on my android tablet via the official playstore. I understand why apple does some things but to be honest I’m starting to question why I own an apple device.

  • Dave Norton - 3 years ago

    I think they won’t do for these reasons:
    On Apple ecosystem it’s easy to maintain versions and updates but on Android and Windows it’s a headache. Other apps make money from their users with data mining or Ads with large user traffic. But for Apple apart from bragging rights what’s in it for them? Unless they charge for iMessage on other platforms perhaps. Apple makes money by selling their HW. So providing iMessage for free to others will cut potential revenue.

  • Matt - 3 years ago

    I personally hate iPhones, but I'll give it to apple for having some of the best concerns for user security and privacy and iMessage is part of that. This I don't believe it should be shared. My bias is I am pro privacy and security tech wise.

    Gadgets 360: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger Collect Much More User Data Than Other Messaging Apps, Reveal Apple’s Priv...

  • af - 3 years ago

    I would love to have iMessages in android and PC

  • JDM - 3 years ago

    I don't like Apple Products, never have. But I would gladly pay a reasonable price for a Messaging App, yes imessage, to have the superior features it offers.

  • eros resmini - 3 years ago

    I’m in the same boat. I need to monitor 4 different messaging applications (WhatsApp for my European friends, Viber for my Asian friends, messenger for my american friends and last but not lease. iMessage. Would uncomplicated my life if iMessage was available for non iOS devices

  • Adam Massie - 3 years ago

    AirMessage user here, it works wonderfully to put iMessages on my Android device. Not perfect, but I sincerely hate Apple because of what their messaging platform has done to friend groups. We are in an unfortunate society that leaves people scrutinizing others over such trivial things as messaging apps. Apple could very easily work cross platform, but their decision to not do so is driven by profits rather than the well-being of humans.

  • Rjack - 3 years ago

    I keep an Apple device strictly because of iMessage. That being said, why not make it a subscription service? I also have an android device and would pay easy $10/month just to have iMessage on that while keeping my iOS device

  • super koush - 3 years ago

    dont hold your breath. this is a business.

  • David - 3 years ago

    I think it may already be too late. With Google testing E2E encryption for RCS, I think the desire for Apple to bring iMessage to other platforms will soon become a desire for Apple to bring RCS to MacOS/iOS. With Google basically taking over the implementation of the RCS service, I wonder if they will end up just creating an RCS app for iPhone that falls back to SMS/MMS if necessary. I'm not expert, but from what I know, I think it would be possible.

  • Zot - 3 years ago

    Not having iMessage on android is the biggest selling point for me to stay with Apple products instead of android. I’ve used both OSs and iMessage is the only thing to keep me here.
    Wouldn’t mind seeing facetime on windows for desktop video and as zoom competition.

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