As an HR professional, what are your company’s biggest challenges or concerns for 2021? (Select all that apply)

  • Crystal Burn - 4 months ago

    I just started a new job with what was classified as an essential company during the shutdowns of Covid-19. They did not have HR and did pretty good from what I can see. However, the majority of what I've been dealing with is morale issues. The employees have voiced to me that they used to be able to do potlucks, parties, we had a van pool that had to be stopped, etc. and they don't feel management tried to make up for losing those things. They feel unappreciated. It's great feedback, but I can't change the past. So I've been stressing that I hear them, management does care, they have cared and were doing their best and that's why they have hired me. It's more than unfortunate that Covid happened but I see the opportunity for this company to really change they way we show our appreciation, we have the chance to build and grow a more collaborative, communicative, and understanding culture because of what everyone has been through. It's been a shared struggle.

  • Shellie Strain - 6 months ago

    For the past year I feel that my job duties have expanded so much that it is truly been a struggle to keep up with new laws and protocols that have been constantly changing or updating. It is hard to keep up with daily job duties or be able to push out anything other than COVID related materials, training and policies of how to work within the guidelines of Safety.

    Would really like to be to work on other HR items to promote engagement, productivity, and life/work balance without the COVID tag being attached.

  • Lashune - 7 months ago


  • DEEPA Khosla - 7 months ago


  • Debora Matthews - 7 months ago

    The COVID crisis that began in 2020 has made work/life balance and work morale in the remote environment an even more significant concern.

  • Philip Barnard - 8 months ago

    Focus on COVID changing the way of work( short term compliance with legislation, and establishing new way of work = done, now dealing with and planning longer term - improved collaborative technology, culture, engagement, team interaction etc

  • Tim Edington - 8 months ago

    How does COVID-19 impact work comp leave for first responders?

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