Will you obtain a Covid vaccination when it becomes available?

  • Roger Peet - 4 months ago

    I have spent 25 winters in Mexico . The Mexicans. Are hard workers and great people I love it. I am at the age now that I get concerned about my health. I don’t know if I can keep going to zih I had a great doctor there so that helped. We will have to see how I hold up. as far as the COVID I would wait for The U S shots I think they are safer to take.

  • Lizdurham - 4 months ago

    Cork it, Robert.

  • robert corkrum - 4 months ago

    Why shan't we think about American politics even if we're in Mexico? What a closed-minded, narrow-vision thought to take public. Who is this woman and has she ever heard of geo-politics? This is Year 2021, not 1956. The USA gives Mexico $444 million in annual foreign, as a commenter posted here in another poll. That makes Mexico a ward of America, a step-child, a dependent. The USA owns Mexico. Lay off the booze, lady!

  • Lizdurham - 4 months ago

    That last LizDurham is not this lizdurham. Do not be fooled by that jerk!

  • LizDurham - 4 months ago

    Sorry, I was drinking American bottled water I got at Walmart.

  • Lizdurham - 4 months ago

    Why does a simple yes or no question directed to people in Mexico always have to have comments about American politics, if you really cared about american politics go back there and do something about it!

  • Garret Sobczyk - 4 months ago

    My wife and I may well Take the covid19 vaccine when it is available here. Hopefully more data will be available in February or March be it Russian, Chinese or whatever. Mexico and it's people have been much better truthfully and scientifically handling the pandemic than the great USA. We trust the Mexican heath cAre system more than in the States.

  • Robert Cohn - 4 months ago

    When I was younger and a boxer at Princeton I had this recurring dream of falling seriously ill. There was no one illness involved, only the possibility of a rare disease, like Covid-19, I suppose. My advancing age found me in San Miguel de Allende, where I always awaited and enjoyed the Festival de San Fermin that brought the running of the bulls. One night I beat up an up & coming bullfighter in town for the featured corrida after my gal had fallen hard for him. He was half her age and I felt bad about punching him. But I loved her. I loved her so much...

  • Werner - 4 months ago

    El Codo, I got yours. ha ha ha

  • -El Codo- - 4 months ago

    Didn't get mine.

  • Bart - 4 months ago

    Has anybody here gotten their $600 Stimulus check? Haven't seen mine.

  • Gimel - 4 months ago

    Whoa, Aleph! Are we sure we want to get into all of that. I am only third in line.

  • El Aleph - 4 months ago

    How about serious poll questions?

    1.) Do you think the defense minister freed from USA custody is really innocent?

    2.) Is AMLO blowing it, like is he paying reporters to lob him easy questions at his press gatherings?

    3.) Is Mexico in deep shit with Joe Biden now that AMLO's blowjobs on Trump will not aid the country?

    4.) Should AMLO's brother have benefited from that relationship for funding to that goofy-looking ballpark?

    5.) Is Mexico shittier than it is made out to be by Mexico News Daily?

    Let's get to the real nitty-gritty!

  • Ardyth Ruth - 4 months ago

    I don’t know what to do?! I’m 73 Healthy but?!?a lot people before me need it! I guess! It’s weird thing!????????????????????????

  • Werner - 4 months ago

    I am, however, taking my usual shots of whiskey.

  • Werner - 4 months ago

    After talking to my regular Dr yesterday (after receiving flu and pneumonia shots) I will not for now take the new Covid19 shot. She was very hesitant to to recommend it for now after reading a lot of negative effects reported by those who took it. Her recommendation if you don't travel in particular fly don't take it for now until better statistics of success are available, I will follow my Doctor's advise.
    She also advised me not to attend any large gatherings because of my age, again I will listen to her advise.

  • Michelle Bigler - 4 months ago

    I wrote: I had COVID-19 in February 2020, do I need a vaccination now?

    But I meant to write: Do I need a vacation now?

  • Werner - 4 months ago

    There was nothing snotty or snide about my comment, Keira! You need to apologize at once.

  • Elizabeth Lamb - 5 months ago

    I like snide remarks. They are needed as a way to unload all the angst and grief we're living. Wedgies and curled-up panties don't do the same, Keira. Maybe for you.

  • Robert Corkrum - 5 months ago

    Mexico approved the Oxford-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine for emergency use Monday, hoping to spur a halting vaccination effort that has only given about 44,000 shots since the third week of December, about 82% of the doses the country has received. Prior to this, the Pfizer vaccine was the only one approved for use in Mexico. Mexican regulators approved the AstraZeneca shot on Monday. Assistant Health Secretariat Hugo López-Gatell said he erroneously reported approval for Chinese vaccine-maker CanSino, noting it had not yet submitted full study results for safety and efficacy. Mexico has pinned much of its hopes on the inexpensive, one-shot CanSino vaccine. “It will makes things a lot easier for us,” López-Gatell said.

  • Werner - 5 months ago

    I like to correct some comments that pretend that Covid vaccines in Mexico come from China. The first one now being distributed is from PFIZER!

  • Keira Morgan - 5 months ago

    Those who make snide comments should go back to their home countries.

  • George - 5 months ago

    Yes, definitely. But, as an expat, I’ll wait until it’s my turn in the United States. I’d prefer to keep the vaccine doses here for Mexicans. The vaccines belong to them.

  • -El Codo- - 5 months ago

    Correction: I want my life "Brown," not "Black". Was distracted by flies on my huevos rancheros.

  • John Gavin - 5 months ago

    It's pretty damned clear that Mexico's vaccines came from Russia and China, so count me out. Lord knows what deals were struck to have Mexicans serve as guinea pigs for the Russkies and the Chinks. I'm waiting and suggest that you do as well.

  • Scott Wilson - 5 months ago

    If AMLO cannot say which type of vaccine is about to be offered, my vote would be No. I suspect it is the Oxford or Sputnik type probably because they are inexpensive. On the other hand, my vote would be Maybe if it is the Pfizer (I would be suspicious of Mexico's capability of transporting and keeping it at -70C), or Yes to the Moderna variant which is easier to transport and thus safer.

  • -El Codo- - 5 months ago

    From what Johns Hopkins says it is possible to have recurrent bouts with mutagenic forms but the RNA serum stops this cold. Personally I don't want to become another "long hauler". People who have been inoculated 8 months show zero signs of vulnerability. I want my life black. 100% of it!

  • Michele Bigler - 5 months ago

    I had COVID-19 in February 2020, do I need a vaccination now?

  • David P. Chapala - 5 months ago

    As long as it's not the Chinese vaccine.

  • Richard Hudson Sr - 5 months ago

    I had 1976 Swine Flu shot... it caused my scapula # 3 left shoulder to painfully contract and disappear. I haven’t had a virus inoculation since that time...????...I recently had COVID-19 with light symptoms, now cured with antibodies of immunity...????...heading to Mexico soon...????????...

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