What will Apple's 'big announcement' be?

  • Om Sonar - 1 month ago

    1)Apple's own search engine.
    2)iMessage for Android.
    3)Something related to security.
    4)Apple's own social media platform.
    Probably gonna be one of these.

  • Grumplestiltskin - 1 month ago

    Releasing iMessage to Android to capitalise on WhatsApp fall from Grace

  • Lars - 1 month ago

    New CEO

  • John M - 1 month ago

    Apple announces the world thinnest and smallest car, with world’s longest battery life, includes a Covid vaccine

  • Xx - 1 month ago

    Cannoo/ GOEV acquisition

  • Clark Cerello - 1 month ago

    Partnership with canoo and Hyundai

  • Josh - 1 month ago

    Apple car announcement

  • David - 1 month ago

    EV w Hyundai ! Also what’s up with all these Tim Cook haters??? Are they just mad about Parlor or something?

  • Nick - 1 month ago

    Please resign Tim! That would be the best thing can happen to Apple in the last 10 years ...

  • Sandro Cuccia - 1 month ago

    Apple will stop being hypocrites and give the boot to Twitter and FaceBook apps

  • Elle's and Kitty's dad - 1 month ago

    I have no idea but nothing mentioned so far seems likely IMHO.

  • rmhe199 - 1 month ago

    Oh please be an acquisition of some incredible company (missed the boat on Disney).

  • Justan Educated Guess - 1 month ago

    I’ve been expecting a MVNO offering that will use the eSIM available in many iPhones for the last 2-3 years and in some iPad models with cellular features. Also, Apple could bundle Apple One with it.

  • Louis Rossetti - 1 month ago

    Who gives a good ???? ?

  • Granto - 1 month ago

    EV with Hyundai and Canoo

  • Joe - 1 month ago

    Apple Car

  • Core - 1 month ago

    Probably a jobs apprenticeship or trade school within the united states for apples supply chain.

  • Sheepleton Wokely - 1 month ago

    Hopefully an upgrade to Apple mail and associated apps to compete with Google workspace, such as Apple hosted mail with personalized domains, etc.

  • Tomorrow Is Now - 1 month ago

    Tim Cook retirement date/timeframe and the transition to new leadership.

  • Claphamster - 1 month ago

    Apple will finally bring Messages to other platforms as a secure alternative to WhatsApp (and possibly FaceTime) at a moment when everyone’s had it with Facebook’s data scraping.

  • Loupe - 1 month ago

    A Virtual Machine to run on IOS that will allow non apple distributed apps to run freely. This environment will be limited in functionality so as to protect the user from viral malware soft-scum.

  • Scotty Loveless - 1 month ago

    It’s probably a conservative/republican tracker.

  • Giacomo Policicchio - 1 month ago

    Apple will Open IOS Sources like Android

  • Tech - 1 month ago

    Windows on M1

  • TheGigi - 1 month ago

    Ultra Wideband Network - open for others as well

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