Should the 10 Republicans who voted with Democrats to impeach President Trump be primaried and voted out of office as they come up for re-election?

  • MTMOMMA - 3 months ago

    Yes and although it’s a different publication than Dennis and I’m hoping he won’t get mad in the townhall daily that says fbi is admitting they were prewarned of the attack and if Trump is not convicted in senate Trump can run in 2024. Please everyone go read it

  • irene feaster - 3 months ago

    Absolutely, they are a disgrace. Cowards, they do not represent we the people. Shameful, disgraceful how can they even !!!

  • Work harder - 3 months ago

    Luckily I live in the Great State of Texas. But I will vote them out with $. I will Never forget what they’ve done.

  • Melissa - 3 months ago

    They are a bunch of turncoats! Get rid of them!

  • Judy K - 3 months ago

    I am embarrassed by all these RINOS. We need a viable third party.

  • Patricia Hollis - 3 months ago

    Tom Rice, our representative from SC, does not represent the constituents of our district. He has committed political suicide. He will not be re-elected. Groups are forming now to remove you from office and I will be one of them. Tumps action did not rise to the level of a high crime or misdemeanor. His speech is coved under the 1st Amendment. You stuck a dagger in our 1st Amendment rights and further divided our county. Shame on you.

  • K80 - 3 months ago

    Without question...they should be voted out.

  • Rhonda Soyars - 3 months ago

    I don’t understand how these people can actually stand there & say without a doubt that Trump incited that riot. He’s talked exactly the same way at other rallies & nobody has ever turned to violence. In fact, they’ve never had a problem with any kind of violence. Donald Trump is not about violence & his true followers are not about violence. As a matter of fact, those rioters breached the capitol about 10-15 minutes before Trump finished speaking. It’s already proven a few of these people were with the rioters that were reeking havoc on Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, etc...this past summer. You know, I always thought you are innocent until proven guilty (I honestly thought that was part of our judicial rules, it was the fair & just way of doing things). I’ve heard a lot of people (especially Democrats) say things that are much more reprehensible than what the president said at that rally on Jan. 6th. Did anyone from the government DOJ, the FBI, the CIA or a detective from any police dept. bother to go question Madonna when she said that she had thought of blowing up the White House ? Did anyone dare question Kathy Griffin when she up the fake head that was made up to look like Trump with blood all over it?
    Was the cast that performed the skit with one of the actors dressed up to look like Trump & the rest of the group were killing him on stage, ever questioned about why they were doing a skit like that about our president?
    It seems that something is only wrong with intentions of inciting a riot when it’s a Republican doing it. I am so sick of the ‘double-standards’ that the Democrats think we’re
    Suppose to be happy with. The country will never be united as long as there is double standards for the citizens & the 2 parties of our government. I have never felt as betrayed, unsafe, discriminated against & as unimportant to the government as I do right now. Why was nothing said last summer when Kamala Harris started raising funds to bail out the rioters & looters. They were destroying private, public & federal property & if they got arrested HarrIs or someone else would bail them out. Knowing what they had been doing & was going to go back & keep on doing ( burning down cities, burning down businesses, tearing down federal statues ), wouldn’t that be treason...??? Nothing said about it !

  • Hal Trefry - 3 months ago

    We need a third party now more than ever!

  • Larry - 3 months ago

    We are Americans we are for you not against you we only want honest dialogue and transparency in are policy's in gov we the people have left behind by the elite class that tell us to follow there rules to only do the opposite and gain wealth from there positions in washington.we are sick and tired of there lies ,if they don't wake up the country is going to blow up in front of all our faces .we the people don't want this but at some point it will and what a sad day that all be and it will make Jan 6 look like a play date in time

  • Deanne - 3 months ago

    Why can't Republicans stick together like Democrats do?

  • Jessica - 3 months ago

    I agree they should be done at our office but I don’t think it’s going to come to that. I truly believe that Trump has a plan in place and we will not have to worry about any of these people after the 20th of this month.

  • Paul - 3 months ago

    I won’t play the ‘burn them at the stake’ game. It’s up to the people who elected them. If one of them was from here (WV) they would be looking for a job.

  • Donna andrews - 3 months ago

    Asswipes!! All of them, bought out , so upset!!

  • Lori Schmerler - 3 months ago

    The 10 GOP in Congress and the RINOS in the Senate to follow are going to be voted out one way or another or The Republican Party won’t survive ! #1 we need to demand Election Integrity- no one is discussing the Voter Machines - Voter IDS - Citizen only - Request Absentee Ballots not Mail in voting ! Dr Shiva is pursuing the Fraudulent Default Voting Machines

  • Theresa Swift - 3 months ago

    I’m not ever going to consider myself in the Republican Party again. Blaming trump for this riot is wrong and unacceptable because he did not cause this division and has always denounced violence.... Put the blame where blame it should be and and that’s on the party that was with all the peaceful protest that burned up peoples businesses and took lives and the whole time the Democrats excused their behavior. I’m not for anyone who thinks violence is the answer to any situation other than self-defense ... With this being said go back and listen to some of them Democratic leaders that praised it when it was going on against the American people The the only one I heard yelling about it was Trump and The Republicans. I really think our government needs to get off their high horse and come down to the American people and remember we put you there and we will take you out by our votes . Well as long as we don’t have the Democrats over the election so they can cheat and too scared to prove it that they didn’t and it just makes him look more and more guilty. I feel bad about what happened in DC but not as bad as I felt when the riots hit our streets and Burn down buildings. DC you’re no better than us.

  • Bill Wierzbinski - 3 months ago

    You actually have to ask this question, DML?

    For the men in this group of turncoats, an old line from the old Morton Downey Jr show applies:

    “Hang the bastards by their testicles!!”

    As for the women, well, not sure.

  • Bobbi - 3 months ago

    Absolutely vote them out. They are not 100% committed to the party. We need solidarity and support not fair weather friends and those whe desert when differences arise, and the going gets tough. We are better off without them!

  • Paula Arrington - 3 months ago

    ABSOLUTELY YES!!! If they can’t back our president they don’t need their seat. My heart hurts so much for our President by the way he has been treated really ever since he took office. In my opinion he has been the greatest president we have EVER had because he stands up for the AMERICAN PEOPLE and our constitution

    TRUMP 2021????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Louise - 3 months ago

    All Republican Rinos for that matter. When’s the 3rd party coming into existence? Sign me up!

  • Belinda - 3 months ago

    Republicans almost always cave. I am not talking about good ones like Jim Jordan, Ted Cruz or Matt Gaetz. My Congressmen are Rep. Buschon, Senators Todd Young and Mike Braun. Buschon and Young have never supported verbally (that I have ever heard) President Trump. Braun did voice his support in the first impeachment. I am surprised Buschon did not vote to impeach. They all sit on the fence and see which way the wind blows. Young is the most worthless Senator ever seen. We will be watching close to see what these two do in the Senate. Republicans will not stand together like the demoncrats do. WILL NOT. If they impeach President Trump and it clears the Senate, we are leaving the Republican Party. I am done with trying to get along with fascism. Spineless Republicans nauseate me - Romney, Murkowski, Collins and the rest are really demoncrats.

  • Teresa - 3 months ago

    I really love your post, Bob! Also really love your post Denise Lunsford and also love your post Sam, really agree with you all! Please say daily prayers for Donald Trump, his families and his friends. We all do need daily prayers. God is so hurt, so deeply heart broken and so angry with what is going on in this confusing and wicked world; he will bring judgements on this earth real soon and he also will bring more judgments on this earth from time to time and also he will bring beyond terrible judgments on this earth before Christ returns to be our True Government someday soon.

  • Deborah - 3 months ago

    Some if the Reps kept saying that they had to vote based upon their heart. They are not put in office to vote their heart they are suppose to vote based upon what their constituents want.

  • Sue. - 3 months ago

    Oh crap. I didn’t realize this was public. Please delete my phone number!!!!!

  • Jim Raymond - 3 months ago

    The Conservative party will never succeed if the have defectors!! Get rid of them!!

  • Kathy - 3 months ago

    I really liked Liz Cheney. I’m very disappointed in her. I’m sure the people in Wyoming are too. She should be voted out.

  • Keith Rath - 3 months ago

    The Democrats never turn on their own. Republicans need to learn to stand together and support their President. Some can't take the heat.
    They need to go home and be replaced by someone who can.

  • Sue - 3 months ago

    The attacks started While The President was speaking!! He never incited them. I was there! There was no Cel coverage at the Washington monument. We headed toward the Capital around 1:30. We got bars around halfway. So 2:15? First thing I heard was that a woman was killed. By the time we got there the rabble was gone. And we had a Trump rally. Please text me at +12153417866. If you want to talk about it more

  • Denise Lunsford - 3 months ago

    I feel they should be voted out because they were elected on a platform and they betrayed the party. I am all about doing what you believe is right but they deceved the people who voted for them as Republicans. If they wanted to be liberal or independent, they should have run on those platforms and lost! We were used by them to gain the we need to get them out.

  • Sam - 3 months ago

    The Democratic party that insight violence should also be removed from office starting with Nancy and Maxine.

  • J minor - 3 months ago

    They should get while the getting is good. As Maxine Waters said, “get in their faces!”

  • Jeff - 3 months ago

    I would rather execute them for Treason but voting them out will suffice.

  • Vaughn - 3 months ago

    Denise. You think! Who else would unless you’re a cheating Democrat. ????

  • Sharon - 3 months ago

    If they honestly believe he incited violence (which I don't believe he did), then no. But if it can be proven they are actual sellouts, then yes

  • Jeff - 3 months ago

    Add crenshaw.

  • Lesley Eyre - 3 months ago

    We need a new Patriot Party that is not Democrat or Republican.

  • Josephine Pasquarelli - 3 months ago

    I understand why they did it but they joined cancel culture so cancel them

  • Bob - 3 months ago

    75 million times YES!!!

  • Barbara Turner - 3 months ago

    Republicans have never stood together. Exactly why I will not support them again until I see them stand together. Enough is enough!

  • Denise - 3 months ago

    I think it should be up to their constituents.

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