Best Animated Segment

  • Stew - 6 weeks ago

    Unbelievable, it's unbelievable I can not believe what I'm seeing, unbelievable

  • AJ - 6 weeks ago

    So many good ones to choose from, but the expression on OOC's face for the 10-hour wrestling show is what did it for me.

  • Laggy - 1 month ago

    It was so hard not to vote for Smelly Porn Man, but as an Ace Attorney mark I had to give it to Nailz.

  • Matt - 1 month ago

    A very close second runner up for me was OOC vs Wedding Booths, but I had to go with Smelly Porn Man for sure. The end with Jay mimmicing the flies burning in the fire send it over the edge though!

  • Cameron Hoormann - 1 month ago

    Smelly Porn Man is going over.

  • Davidk - 1 month ago

    The street fighter match, edited as a wwe match should have been an option here

  • manband20 - 1 month ago

    I feel like we all know who is going to win this one so I will leave my prediction here: over 80% of the vote will go to Smelly Porn Man.

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