Best Dressed / State of your Hair!

  • Bumbles - 6 weeks ago

    Gotta give it to Shawn, for one reason. The rest were told to dress that way. That's just how Shawn dresses.

  • Matt - 1 month ago

    This was tough. So....I just barely picked Owen on this vote, versus Heavenly Bodies. I don't think Owen's gonna get HOF, so I had to put my vote in here.

  • Spurt Reynolds - 1 month ago

    @Rat Bastard Too bad you aren't into dudes because I heard Kevin Dunn goes both ways.

  • Jacktrack7 - 1 month ago


  • Albert Phillips - 1 month ago

    She got a real pretty mouth. *Deliverance voice*

  • Rat Bastard - 1 month ago

    Is it just me who fancies Stephanie Wiand? Perhaps I just have a thing for women with 12ft teeth.

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