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  • AJ - 1 year ago

    If "what a pittance" doesn't win, then I'll have to say "what a pittance!"

  • Michael Bell - 1 year ago

    "A stinking NOGGER Award? And I had to wait 25 years for it? What a pittance!"

  • Matt - 1 year ago

    Holy shit, D-Sul is gonna win this one by a huge percentage. I'm going to predict he'll have at least 10 percent more votes than the runner-up.

  • Kevin Nash - 1 year ago

    Yeah so what if I win this award??? What a pittance.

  • Ash - 1 year ago

    I got this nogger, what a pittance!

  • Alex T. Person - 1 year ago

    I will be stunned if this is goes to anyone other than Deesull.

  • Jimmy Williams - 1 year ago

    “What a pittance!” is timeless. Untouchable. The stuff of legend. The highlight of 2020. The lowlight of a push. Gets my vote!

  • Shawn Smith - 1 year ago

    If What a Pittance doesn’t win I will start a #stealthevote war

  • Simon - 1 year ago

    Hey Jay, I can't see any way to vote for the other GN categories on the website. I just get a page with the category names and that's it - no linkys or dropdowns at all :s

  • Matt Holland - 1 year ago

    Something tells me Dee-sil is running away with this award. I wonder what he'll think of such a prestigious honour...

  • Alexander Vazquez - 1 year ago

    An Exclusive poll ? What a Pittance!

  • Jordan Rapoza - 1 year ago

    A Nogger University Axcloosive????
    Yeah sure, what a pittance

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