Who was the biggest CUNT?

  • Jason Madigan - 1 year ago

    I think OOC should be disqualified for this award every year, instead there should be a Salty OOC moment of the year. He has enough salt to fill up a salt shaker for years to come. If only he was born in the 1700s Great Britain would've fucked off from India and asked him for salt. But I will give him the nod for being the only person on the list to be a cunt right in someone's face. And fuck the actual cunt's on this list who are just pieces of garbage.

  • Alex Parobec - 1 year ago

    What episode/time stamp was the Stephanie quote from?

  • KJC - 1 year ago

    Yeah. A lot of cunts. But I have to call out the nazis all the time. Even if they didn't jokd about political murder on world wide television.

  • Michael Bell - 1 year ago

    Pretty much my only serious vote, for Cunt Moolah!

  • Michael Houston - 1 year ago

    Went with Paige's mum

    Then got to Nazis.

    Then the Saudi dismemberment.

    What a tough category.

  • Matt - 1 year ago

    I'm glad a lot of people are going with a 'jokey' cunt versus and actual cunt. I went with Salem though, cause I'm not cunt you fuckin black cat piece of shit, lmfao!

  • whut - 1 year ago

    yeah, I went with a lighthearted choice instead of an actually serious one.

  • Bradley Neville - 1 year ago

    Holy shit, this was by far the hardest category, just an INSANE number of cunts all across the board.

  • Sonicplys64 - 1 year ago

    WWF for not pushing......Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo MO MO MO

  • Alex T. Person - 1 year ago

    Had a rough time deciding between a jokey choice and fucking human trafficking, lemme tell you.

  • Fran Estrada - 1 year ago

    There's truly some horrible stuff this year, but OOC sandbagging the Marine 6 in the set is still hilarious to me

  • Joe Naughton - 1 year ago

    Now THAT Is (Timothy) WELL (Steven) DUNN!

  • Patrik Andersson - 1 year ago

    Want to disqualify Shawn from this year's nomination for Cunt of the Year because he was nominated last time.

    Also, I'd like to nominate myself for moaning about THE RULES for an award meant for shits and giggles.

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