Biggest Let-down during this arc?

  • Rene Valdez - 1 year ago

    Luger's push, then depush, especially when this arc was built around him.

  • Alex Parobec - 1 year ago

    Crazy because I loved it back then, but now seeing how awesome Backlund was, it’s a travesty he got run over by what makes a Mack truck go. What a pittance.

  • Andrew - 1 year ago

    Definitely pulling the plug on Luger. 88-97 was my era of wrestling and I was a huge mark for the Luger push. Osw review brought back all those childhood memories of disappointment at a count out finish. I wasn't really into Bret Hart at the time (he was my sister's favourite) and I needed a new hero after Hogan left and Savage was sidelined.

  • AJ - 1 year ago

    I'm a big mark for Backlund, so him not holding onto the belt sucks more than eating marijuana.

  • bladeworksmaster - 1 year ago

    The entire New Gen Era, after all the buildup it got from OOC.

  • Alex T. Person - 1 year ago

    Given this started as a Luger arc, I'm gonna have to go with his aborted push.

  • Jason - 1 year ago

    "I expect nothing and I'm still disappointed" --me watching Diesel's title reign

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