Who will enter the Chibba Chibba Hall of Fame (Fame, Fame)?

  • Rene Valdez - 1 year ago

    No chance but I went for Todd. Bruce should be well up there tho.

  • Pod Boy - 1 year ago

    Where's Bobby Duckarse? He deserves to chiba chibachiba as much as any of these guys

  • Smc - 1 year ago

    Where’s my duckarse?

  • How much do I weigh? - 1 year ago

    How is Art O'Dono not nominated?!?!? If write ins were allowed that would still win! May have gone Mo if they got into Heel Cunt Mabel and Sir Mo. But alas, the only thing that will stay with me through all of this.. is the sweet, sweet gyrations of Gigolo Jimmy Del Ray.

    Also.. "I was going to vote for Bruce Hart, but somehow I think it's much more fitting (and funnier) if he gets overlooked." is so fucking hilarious.

  • Spidermonkey - 1 year ago

    I wanted to vote for art donovan

  • Laggy - 1 year ago

    Such a hard time between Stu "Everything's a Shoot" Hart and Lex "AUGH" Luger, but I think Lex deserves to win SOMETHING at least

  • Matt - 1 year ago

    A bit controversial, since it somewhat became Bret's arc half way through, but gotta give it to Lex. I just hope Mo doesn't take it!

  • Dude McFly - 1 year ago

    No 1-2-3-Kid?
    That's sad. I'd have voted for him.
    But Todd is great too, I guess.

  • Goob - 1 year ago

    No Backlund AND no 123 Kid nominations for HoF? Ridiculous.

  • Spurt Reynolds - 1 year ago

    I know Lex deserves this one but Gigolo Jimmy only has this one shot at greatness and he needs it! Lex always has next year.

  • Dom - 1 year ago

    Where was Duckarse for HOF?!

  • Eoin - 1 year ago

    I just voted for the most cretinous...congrats Lex

  • Jake - 1 year ago

    I think it would be apropos for Luger to not win this just like he didn't win the title

  • Bobbo - 1 year ago

    As much as I want to vote for Gigolo Jimmy...I've gained such an appreciation for Luger's overselling that it is now legendary in my mind. I have to vote for him.

  • Nicholas Clinkenbeard - 1 year ago

    Shameless self plug for episode 88! So crazy to listen for the last 6 years and then hear Jay say my name. Once we all get in the wild again I'll be sure to bring my sign to a live event. Overall a great arc with less than average content to work with. Hopefully sometime soon Art O can finally figure out how much this guy weighs. Just don't call Yoko "Rodney" lol

  • Jeff - 1 year ago

    Lex trying to become a 2 time Hall of Famer. Normally you would have to be friends with Triple H to get that.

  • Ash - 1 year ago

    Damn. Lex should be in there for this year and the WCW stuff, but.... Todd, this might be his ONLY chance to get in.

  • Stank Cheese - 1 year ago

    Too many Cunts

  • Chai - 1 year ago

    There would too many cunts to choose from. I thought the safest bet would be to go with the literal neo-nazis.

  • Jason - 1 year ago

    I was going to vote for Bruce Hart, but somehow I think it's much more fitting (and funnier) if he gets overlooked.

  • kaufman316 - 1 year ago

    Is Lex Luger supposed to be Bob Backlund? Lex is already in, and Duckarse's absence is otherwise shocking!

  • Goblin King - 1 year ago

    I just want Tatanka to enter the Chibba Chibba Hall of Fame (Fame, Fame) to mess with Jay.

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