Favourite joke that appeared in multiple episodes?

  • Rene Valdez - 1 year ago

    Either UNBELIEVABLE! or "You think you're special" cos they can be used at any time and it'll be natual.

  • AJ - 1 year ago

    Lil Bitch is in my Boy Stable.

  • Michael Bell - 1 year ago

    "Unbelievable!" being ruined now should have been in the running, a la "Tri/Try", but I went with "You think you're special" for shit feuds. Mwah, magnifique!

  • Eoin - 1 year ago

    Incredibly hard to pick between “Spider-Bret” and “Bret’s rope” but hey....”That’s Owen”

  • Bundy vs Mo - 1 year ago

    You think you're special... you do

  • Rexy Morgan - 1 year ago

    I wrote in a kind of unintentional running gag, where one of the hosts will use 'unbelieveable in a sentence, and quick as a whippet the other two will go full Vince 'UNBELIEVEABLE!!'

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