Have you gotten a Covid vaccine shot yet?


  • Beans - 3 years ago

    My agency is finally offering it to us in the next couple of weeks. My site is a family shelter so, as much as they tell us to have 95% phone contact, it's not entirely feasible with this line of work. I plan on signing up for it. Not only do I think I should take this opportunity, I also live with my parents who are both in their mid to late 60s and have pre-existing conditions (diabetes and high blood pressure, like good Blacks) but I also live with my grandfather, who's 94 and will be 95 in May. I miss my nephew, who I haven't been in physical contact with since last winter. Not to mention, I missed his 1st birthday in April. I know most of the staff won't take it because of internet research and the rate at which it was produced and being Black but I'm quite sick of this shit and I'm not trying to live in fear forever. Considering that I know quite a few coworkers who have been going a few places and are social, you'd think they'd want to take advantage, too, but oh well. More for me. ???????? I'm sure someone or everyone will try to scare or shame me for taking it but the alternative is to live like we are forever.

  • Lizzle - 3 years ago

    I'm at the back of the line so it'll be a while. In the meantime, I'll be trying to convince family who are first-responders/elderly/high risk to get it. A lot of those Q-Annon lies about the vaccine made it to WhatsApp without the Q-Annon label. Please talk to your people y'all!

  • Eugenio Petit - 3 years ago

    I’ve registered and am qualified. Just waiting for a date and a location.

  • Iman - 3 years ago

    We looked it up and we don’t qualify yet in our state.

  • Bryttani - 3 years ago

    No, I haven't gotten it yet but I am scheduled to get it through my job. I have already had a talk with my oldest daughter who is eleven. She said if I turn she will make sure she stabs me in the brain. I taught her well!

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