Will impeaching Trump ruin the Republican party?

  • Lizzle - 1 year ago

    They like Hydra at this point, the Tea Party madness didn't make them crumble, just pushed them further right. I think the events of January 6 might push some more. A handful of them have come to their senses but we don't know if that's enough to make a difference yet.

  • mdog - 1 year ago

    I don't think so. I think Trumpers will find another person to latch their hopes and dreams to, and Republicans will fall in place to worship their new demagogue. I think white america tends to have short term memory when it comes to shit like this so idk.

  • Eugenio Petit - 1 year ago

    IMO the Republicans are who they are. They have already sold their souls to support this dude. His impeachment won’t hurt what’s already in the toilet.

    Now about the dude caught with 500 rounds of ammo trying to get into DC isn’t whiteness a complete shit show. Dude was released on the strength of “my bad”. Fuck them as a brand.

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