Your favourite quote of this arc?

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  • Simon Höhbusch - 1 year ago

    I was devastated that my favorite quote didn´t make it in:
    OOC (regarding Shawns ringgear): "Did they make the chaps?"
    Jay: "Yeah."
    OOC: "Fire them!"

  • Richard Boyd - 1 year ago

    I had to pick "Jay: Fuck Tatanka" but Jay come man put the whole quote there.
    Fuck Tatanka, can we stop talking about Tatanka. Eat a dick Tatanka.
    That was classic.

  • Michael Bell - 1 year ago

    I could have easily picked 20... My #1 is Big E keeping pancakes next to his smelly dick, fucking hell!

  • Jobber Fantastico - 1 year ago

    No option for "OOC on Aleister Black: "He's too skinny. He NEEDS to go on the roids!" OSW 79"

    So I wrote it in.

  • Matt - 1 year ago

    I think if OOC gets it this year, it'll be the OOC Best Quote of the Year. Let's do it lads!

  • Darryl Carter - 1 year ago

    What a Pittance !!

    Gold, from the thing that makes the mack truck go !!!

  • Sonicplys64 - 1 year ago

    Jay, he's going to get over...... whether you like it or not!

  • Zach Lewis - 1 year ago

    I had to write in my personal favorite. “What a pittance!” It’s the best quote of the entire arc.

  • Mick Foley - 1 year ago

    I chose the Maffew quote not for it being a great quote but hoping it wins to see how it will piss OOC off to no end

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