Is a transparency watchdog no longer necessary now that corrupt, neoliberal governments are a thing of the past in Mexico?

  • -El Codo- - 6 weeks ago

    So AMLO has Covid? I'm laughing. And now he is inviting the corrupt Russian Putin to Mexico? I'm on the floor laughing. AMLO is sooooo-oh wanting to be Trump!

  • Werner - 6 weeks ago

    Martin, you sap, you have nothing, lad. What does the "T" stand for in your last name - toast?

  • Martin T - 1 month ago

    To Werner, Cockrum and the two broads: Suck my buffalo! As for Liz and Elizabeth, should I post a photo of my crotch bulge for your pleasure?

  • Elizabeth Lamb - 1 month ago

    I emphatically agree with Liz. This Martin T fellow seems to be too shy. Werner kicked his ass!

  • Lizdurham - 1 month ago

    Looks like Martin T has chickened out. True Wimp!

  • robert corkrum - 1 month ago

    Martin T - You cannot take Werner's punches without a response!

  • Werner - 1 month ago

    Martin T - Why you low-rent, sniveling varmint. A dictatorship is a dictatorship is a dictatorship, you ignorant slut. Get yourself a dictionary and don't ever again bring your lack of education here. I will not stand for your nonsense!

  • Martin T - 1 month ago

    Hey Werner, your snickering self=righteousness is a beauty to behold! And to answer your rhetorical question, yes, there are degrees of dictatorship. Many countries teeter between authoritarian neo-liberalism and representative democracy, depending on which way the wind is blowing that day.

  • Werner - 1 month ago

    Hey, Martin T - Is there "partial" dictatorship? You make me laugh!

  • robert corkrum - 1 month ago

    Disregard my last comment. I wasn't myself. I hope I am this time.

  • -El Codo- - 1 month ago

    President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who cultivated an unexpectedly friendly relationship with Trump and was one of the last world leaders to recognize Biden’s victory, read from a letter he sent to Biden in 2012, calling for reorienting the bilateral relationship away from security and military aid and toward development.

    He urged Biden to implement immigration reform, and added: “We need to maintain a very good relationship with the United States government and I don’t have any doubt that it’s going to be that way.”

  • Martin T - 1 month ago

    Disbanding the "Transparency Watchdog" is just one step closer to total dictatorship.

  • Lizdurham - 1 month ago

    AMLO didn't say a word about the arrested defense minister Cienfuegos while Trump was president. Now that Trump is out, he goes brave. It shows you what a pussy AMLO is.

  • robert d corkrum - 1 month ago

    SORRY,the latest move to free a high ranking official shows total stupidity and corruption !We need to be together to control the DRUG PROBLEM.Not 1 country which has failed for 40 years pretending it can control the drug problem,which is almost worldwide when COVID 19 results prove what a problem it is to get Mexicans to do the right thing.Just to wear a mask and not get too close to so many people can't be or won't be done???How hard is that to save the horrible economy we are going thru now.IT WILL GET WORSE!!!!! 3rd world country going for 4th...MY GOD!!!

  • Johnny LaChingas - 1 month ago

    AMLO had his day when he was lapdog for Trump. Biden will have him on a shorter leash. AMLO's ass-kissing during the Trump presidency angered many Mexicans. AMLO never said a word after Trump said all Mexicans were rapists! Now he questions the arrest of the defense minister? He is so TRANSPARENT! Because AMLO is no leader and Mexico is paying the price. What a joke.

  • Maria - 1 month ago

    The people who are claiming OMLO corrupt are no very honest Them selves It take one crock to know another Show me the way I will tell you who you are

  • mighty mouse - 1 month ago

    AMLO and the cartels are one. AMLO is just as dishonest as trump, but Mexico doesn't enforce its laws. Look comes Mexi-Vene-zuela.

  • Gregory Finucan - 1 month ago

    AMLO is another Trump....LIES LIES LIES

  • Garry Montgomery - 1 month ago

    O all the countries in the World, Mexico needs scrutiny of it government which still has a high number of corrupt officials, many associated with the drug gangs.

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