Did you work on MLK Day?


  • Lizzle - 2 years ago

    I make a point to take the day off if I'm at a workplace that doesn't observe the holiday.

  • mdog - 2 years ago

    I didn't work on MLK day and my girfriend normally does but because of the George Floyd protests her company swapped presidents day for MLK with the quickness lol. A positive result of the "This you?" aspect of the Uprisings were these businesses wanna make Juneteenth and MLK day a company holiday!

  • Yourfavoritejuice - 2 years ago

    We worked and my coworkers and I were side eyeing the whole time. The company has been talking about becoming a more open and inclusive community. We need to demand social justice. But then it’s like we should have “open conversations” with other associates or even our bosses if we think they said something racist. Confront them about it. Y’all tell me if that makes sense because to me that sounds like more work for me to explain something they should already know. Not to mention I’m not trying to have they type of conversation with someone who can fire me. But I digress. We didn’t get that day off and it really shows me that all this progressive talk within my company is just that. Talk.

  • ShayDeeDame - 2 years ago

    Companies these days do t know WHAT to do with us. Last year, when white folks realized that racism actually exists, my company sent an email giving us Juneteenth off. Said that they would give us the day off every year.
    It’s 2021, we got the email with the paid holidays. They decided to go with MLK day, and not Juneteenth as paid holidays.
    Yeah, it’s still an off day. Yes, it’s still a BLACK holiday off with pay. Tbh, it’s the “there can be only one” when it comes to paid black holidays off for me.
    As if we don’t face that enough. We have to Highlander our holidays, too?!?
    Meanwhile, we have loads of days off for these shitty presidents and Christian holidays.
    Sigh. Whatever. I’m so sick of corporate America and their particular brand of bullshit.

  • Alicia - 2 years ago

    My company makes us work on MLK day but we're off on President's day....

    I always forget to request off but I will make sure to never work on this day again!

    And reading Ben's comment, I need to move to France (after my kids grow up and get out the house).

  • Iman - 2 years ago

    I worked, but it was still a pretty chill day. I just returned calls from potential clients. But my favorite part of the day was my daughter doing an MLK project by her own volition! She’s 9 and just wanted to do one so proud of her.

  • Ben/rexsoleil - 2 years ago

    I'm new to teaching public school, but after spending so many years working service (cafés, cashiering), it's wild to me to get days off. I hate how rare vacation days are here in the US. I lived in France for two years, and they seem to have a healthier relationship with work-life balance. Shorter work days, more vacation days, calling in sick being acceptable... hope y'all are giving your bodies/hearts the rest they need and deserve.

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