Is censorship by social media serious enough to justify the creation of a publicly-owned network in Mexico?

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  • Martin T - 5 weeks ago

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  • Roberto - 5 weeks ago

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  • Carlisle Johnson - 6 weeks ago

    Jeff and Bill hit the nail on the head
    Thanks for maintaining standards of decency re other comments

  • Administrator - 6 weeks ago

    Rogue commenters Ryoung and Martin T have been expelled from this poll board and will no longer be allowed to post their unneeded opinions. This is effective today.

  • Werner - 6 weeks ago

    Speaking of censorship, how about censoring Martin T and Ryoung here. These two lower colons threaten to soil on all of us!

  • Martin T - 6 weeks ago

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  • Sara Swope - 6 weeks ago

    Free Julian Assange!

  • Werner - 6 weeks ago

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  • José Ma Villalobos - 6 weeks ago

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  • José Ma Villalobos - 6 weeks ago

    Barnes Is 100 % right. As long as México keeps having expensive low qualiy services costumers will be steal
    whetever be by Slim or CFE. Best regards

  • Bill Barnes - 6 weeks ago

    As much as I dislike FB and Twitter, a social media site run by the Mexican Government would an unmitigated disaster. Telmex can’t deliver reliable internet, CFE can’t deliver reliable power, Pemex is in debt up to their eyeballs, is the number one oil company for pollution and gas prices are almost double of the USA. A good portion of the IMSS hospitals are sub sub standard in cleanliness and stock of proper meds. These are all government run except for Telmex. How in the world could they be capable of delivering a social media site that would be reliable and secure.

    To make it short, HELL NO!!!!!

  • Ryoung - 6 weeks ago

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  • Ryoung - 6 weeks ago

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  • Werner - 6 weeks ago

    DO NOT DELETE TWITTER! Repeat - Do Not Delete your Twitter account. This dickless commenter Ryoung is just an angry, stupid Trumpian asshole. Don't need his shit here! Moron!

  • Ryoung - 6 weeks ago

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  • Ryoung - 6 weeks ago

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  • Martin T - 6 weeks ago

    I could give a shit about this topic. I could. Right now even. My bowels are at the ready!

  • Patrick Alcatraz - 6 weeks ago

    I have no problem with AMLO's latest self-serving move. The more information outlets the better, is what I'd say. However, AMLO seems to have some sort of inferiority complex (widely in display when with Trump in the USA), plus he does not appear to be a smart man. Insecurity breeds the action he wants now. Nothing he's done or said while in office stands out as being heady; that is, better than any Mexican president in recent times. The influential Washington Post has a story titled thusly: "Mexico’s pandemic policy: No police. No curfews. No fines. No regrets." That Land of Tomorrow reputation is still shackling Old Mexico...sad, but ingrained.

  • robert d corkrum - 6 weeks ago

    A (public owned) means subject to telling the story the way (somebody) wants.This is NO proof that it is independent. AMLO lied by falling for fake reports on someone he did not like...MEXICO does not need another LYING president as TRAMP was."The truth shall set you free."

  • Jeff - 6 weeks ago

    Censorship is never good and is always used as a tool by tyrannical governments. No censorship!

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