Do you think it's possible to deprogram some of these Trump supporters?


  • btouch - 2 years ago

    Some. Not many, not most, but some. If it's only two or more, that's two fewer ignorant people running around.

  • mizzbarnes - 2 years ago

    Some folks forget that the orange menace has said that he loves stupid people. Stupid people are easy to program for stupidity. There are two types of dump supporters......those that are greedy and have profited off of his greediness and those that are too stupid to know the difference. They kept drinking that off-brand kool aid that he was serving, they kept watching the dumbass channel and that is why you have the coochie-coup on Jan 6.

    And for what? The majority of those riot dumbasses didn't even fucking vote?!?!?!?!?!

    How can you work with that when they are THAT far gone? No thanks, I rather wash rain with soap and water.

  • Sofa King - 2 years ago

    "Possible"? Sure. But I ain't got that kinda commitment.

  • Jerome - 2 years ago

    Some yes but definitely not all. Like Rod said it aint my job.

  • BrooklynShoeBabe - 2 years ago

    I said no they can't be deprogrammed because I believe that Qanon is steeped in white supremacy and racism. Until white folks reconcile that they are complicit in white supremacy, I don't think there's no reaching them.

  • Ben/rexsoleil - 2 years ago

    Honestly ? I feel like it's a "no," but I hit "yes"... because there are just too many people who voted for this jackass in 2020. If 70 million voters in the US are lost causes, we are definitively fucked. If I voted "yes," it's because I know that if I don't cling to the hope we can turn this around, there is nothing left to do. And without that hope – without that work – I'm left to despair.

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