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  • David E (NMI) Mick - 3 years ago

    FYI: I allowed a "Bus Stop Stranger" to use this LG T-Mobile SmartPhone to make a Call.
    Said phone was given to me by a Friend to use as a Replacement for the T-Mobile Android Software Samsung S9 Galaxy SmartPhone that I. either Lost, Misplaced or had Stolen!
    Unfortunately, the Software got "hacked", was off-line two days and contains "malware"!
    Consequently Cell makes Crazy Errors which may have made Author Errors of their 2/6 JUMBLE Puzzle

  • David E Mick - 3 years ago

    Your 2/6 Jumble titled "That Scrambled Word Game" by David L. Hoyt and Knurek was published INCORRECTLY in the Saturday, February 6, 2021 Albuquerque Journal on Page B11! It Circled TEN (10) letters: "ABA" of Abate; "TO" of Token; "LI" of Likely and "ONG" of Belong for a NINE (9) letter Sentence Solution "GO IT A-LOAN with letter "B" of A(B)ate NOT used. Could a 2nd Solution also be possible if you use letters "ONE" of O.E.D. word Begone i.e. BE IT "A-LONE" with letter "G" not used?

  • Angela - 3 years ago

    Lara...it looks like the link I was trying to give you is not taking...but here’s the info on GO IT ALONE...

    to live, work, or make decisions on your own, without any help from other people

  • Angela - 3 years ago

    Hi Adele. Yes, you’re correct, it is a common phrase...And I use it often myself. Hope your day is going well...and stay safe out there...

  • Angela - 3 years ago

    Hi Lara. GO IT ALONE is a commonly used phrase... https://tinyurl.com/5cglldfb
    Enjoy your day. Be well and stay safe.

  • Angela - 3 years ago

    Roseann...No problem. And yes, it was a very easy one! Be well, and stay safe out there.

  • Adele Lundquist - 3 years ago

    "go it" makes sense to me because it is a common phrase.

  • Lara - 3 years ago

    Not difficult but makes no sense “go it” maybe should hv been go get

  • Roseann - 3 years ago

    Hit button by mistake. This was an easy one

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