Should the Broncos pursue DeShaun Watson?

  • Shawn - 5 months ago

    NO!!! up to 14 or so sexual assault lawsuits? CRAZY

  • Tom Mueller - 7 months ago

    Broncos should add free agent Tyrod Taylor for $6 mil a year for 3 years and $10 mil guaranteed. Competition for Drew Lock. Keep the money for Vic Fangip to pay players for a great defense.

  • ROBERT Olson - 7 months ago

    I guess i am one of the last people that believe in Drew but i do and i believe he can and will take us to the super bowl. John Elways first 3 years was nothing to brag about but the Broncos stuck with him and the rest is history. Drew deserves 1 more year. How ever the way he is being treated he probably don't even want play here anymore. I don't think i would. But what ever I'm just a Broncos fan have been since they have become a a franchise. And always will be no matter what. But i am pushing for Luck for 1 more year if he doesn't pan out let him go......

  • Michael Porter - 7 months ago

    Please Please whatever you do. Do not draft Justin Fields.

  • Michael Porter - 7 months ago

    Get rid of Uncle Vic. He has made enough lamebrain decisions to last any coaching tenure. He is not a Head Coach. Okay I get it, "racist Denver "does not want a black head coach. Vic Fangio , he is the anti- whatever that black kids name was. But enough already, let's get a real head coach. We have enough players to win now. Go get Teddy Bridgewater for peanuts. Let's win

  • tim wysong - 7 months ago

    You Keyboard quarterbacks and general managers need a little patience. No wonder Denver changes QBs like most teams change jerseys! What was Elways or Manning stats the first two years, look at it and factor in Covid.
    Lock will be just fine if you give him a chance!

  • Dave - 7 months ago

    Miller, Lock, 3 1st RD picks for Watson

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