Which 'American Idol' contestants are you rooting for after Sunday's premiere?
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  • Donna - 5 months ago

    What a horrible show! Unbelievable. Absolute garbage. SERIOUSLY? Claudia Conway? What a joke and a horrible PR stunt. After last night's show, it should be taken off the air. Much better programs to watch than this crap. Hope you are not looking for ratings you just blew it with this performance. Thought you had to be be at least 17 to be on he show? I guess exceptions CAN and WILL be made for that SPECIAL person. What a joke. The DRAMA this family has created with their daughter is disgusting and you decide to give THEM another platform to continue their drama is unbelievable. Who cares! You have only contributed to this disfunctional family. Perry should stop trying to be Dr. Phil none of her business. Keep her opinions to herself. She's a real piece of work herself. Horrible program will never ever watch this trash again. The highlight was a young kid in a speedo!! Absolutely horrendous choices. Guess you'' promote anything for ratings. Absolute disgrace!

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