Should the democrats have called witnesses even if it delayed Covid relief?


  • LaKeta - 3 years ago

    Per the poll, I think it would have been nice to have witnesses, but we've ALL see what happened! We KNOW the details, we SAW the videos! What were they gonna do, have people testify to a violin playing in the background for added effect? The aliens - which I call the GOP because they're not human - cannot be moved! They coulda had this nigga MOMMA up on the stand. HE could have gone up there and flat out confessed & been acquitted. As Democrats, we are constantly between a rock and a hard place. And no matter the decision made, it was the wrong one & a bunch of angry, empty-headed, non-civic minded people show up in your mentions to try to tell YOU how to do your job while knowing not a lick of policy. But here's the GOOD news ~ in a day or 2 they'll find a new squirrel to bark at while being armed with little to no actual information again!

  • Blue Wave Rider - 3 years ago

    Democrats have TWO YEARS to make an impact. Midterms will be here before your know it. Don't let the enemy waste your time. Get your shit while you can.

  • mizzbarnes - 3 years ago

    Like Ms. Plaskett stated, they needed more Senators with spines. I did watch the Second Impeachment hearing and the managers put together a flawless case, complete with timeline evidence. The defense was flawed , complete with a propaganda highlight real from Fox News and even stole some fucking coasters. But by the end of the day, those trash-ass republicans already made up their damn mind....not even our own NC senator, Richard Burr casting a guilty vote was enough, but flawless evidence by the impeachment managers.

  • AoSlim - 3 years ago

    Nothing wa sgonna change that acquittal outcome. Bringing out witnesses would have only prolonged the process, and nobody got time for that.

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