Which one is better?


  • EvieE - 3 years ago

    Whoever chose Dunkin Donuts is the feds

  • Dom Davis - 3 years ago

    I feel like Krispy Kreme is better hands down. But since no is asking, I prefer Shipley’s donut in Houston. I can get donuts and kolaches.

  • LaKeta - 3 years ago

    Or as EYE like to call it, Krispy Krack.

  • Blue Wave Rider - 3 years ago

    I prefer the Double D's cause the serve cake donuts... (and the milk is good).
    In my area, Dunkin Donut is on every corner and you need Google Maps to FIND a Krispie Cream.

  • ShayDeeDame - 3 years ago

    This isn’t related to the poll, but I remembered something during Coronavirus News that ACTUALLY might help people who are struggling with staying in the house. A Rona Hack, I’d you will...
    If you miss movies in movie theaters, a lot of places still have drive in movies.
    We have a drive in theatre in our area. You drive up, park, with the heat on and car running, and watch your movie. It’s on the big screen. It’s amazing. The last movie that we saw at the drive in was “Finding Nemo 2” with the kids, so I can’t wait to return.
    With our theatre, they have changed things with Rona. You keep your ass in your car. You can order food on an app and they drop that shit off on the hood of your car and keep it moving.
    I don’t know how I forgot that drive in movies were a thing? But I did.
    Anywhoooo...we are seeing Judas and the Black Messiah at the drive in this Saturday. I already know that I’m making myself a frozen margarita and putting that sexy bitch in a tumbler. Because I’m a classic fat kid, I plan my food hella far in advance. I’m either smuggling in a Popeyes chicken sammich or getting a giant burrito from my favorite taco truck.
    I am so excited to pretend for just a few hours that we were in the “before times”!!!
    Thought I’d share if anyone else needed a lil bit of normal in their lives ????

  • Logan - 3 years ago

    Weirdly enough I think Krispy Kreme is better... if I'm just eating one. More than one Krispy Kreme gets gross to me for some reason, but I can put away multiple Dunkin' Donuts.

  • Danielle Dee - 3 years ago

    So I’m in NY(westchester) and we don’t have fresh Krispy Kreme but when I went down south -> the donut ???? angels saved me from the falsehood I was under with Dunkin what a joke! Now all they need is some wake up wraps and other breakfast sandwiches and we straight.

    But we New Yorker’s have our national “fruit” the famous
    B.E.C (bacon, egg, cheese) S.P.K (salt, pepper, ketchup)

  • mizzbarnes - 3 years ago

    Hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts with coffee .......YES!!!!

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