Do you support the city's proposed Terry Ranch purchase

  • Kathy - 2 weeks ago

    This not about what is best for the community. Contamination is a great concern and we need too protect our families. There is no guarantees anyone can make on contamination or minerals changing in the ground in this equation. We are taking chances with oil and gas with contamination as communities have been told this will not happen only time will tell.

  • Bren - 2 weeks ago

    I trust the several decades of combined knowledge and experience of the Greeley Water system. These gentleman with Save Greeley Water don't have to be spending their retirement time fighting for nothing. I believe them over current employees. Wake up people

  • Vic - 2 weeks ago

    There was not an option for filtered water. Our systems filter most of those out. Plus they better clean and filter that well water or get sued like in Michigan. If they want to raise taxes it best not be from property taxes, they are already out of control and we definitely need to get a Tabor Amendment on these. But don't you dare blame dems on this, it's a republican county.

  • Sandi Cummings - 2 weeks ago

    This is not good for Greeley. Wingfoot makes a bunch of money on the deal. It's good for him. He will set water tap prices. Let's keep our water pure, like it has been. I do not want uranium, arsenic or manganese in my water. Testing water in one well, not all of them for a few days, does not prove to me anything about the water. Let's do tests on all the wells for 6 months and see what happens. Also worried about underground contamination from oil and gas wells on the property now and added in the future. NO on Terry Ranch water. Email and call the City Council members to express your concern with this project.

  • David Smith - 2 weeks ago

    Hell no ! Taxes are high enough screw that !

  • Anita McAllister - 2 weeks ago

    Just curious: The person who voted "I only drink bottled water". What do they use for cooking? Bathing? Their pets?

  • Ilona - 2 weeks ago

    I guess I was under a misconception that Greeley owns more rights already then Fort Collins. We've only lived in our house 5 years and our taxes have gone up 3 times. The money has to come from somewhere, we have reasonable water cost now, will this mean our water cost go up so RICH developers can build more houses to accommodate 5 families per house as proposed. I thought this had already been voted on and passed without us. Another trick to raise taxes like the one for schools that didn't give teachers a penny, beware, we need transparency.

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