Has Morena made a poor choice by nominating a candidate accused of sexual assault?

  • Brad Boner - 2 hours ago

    It's obvious that politics has no morality in its definition, not these days. This is a political position, not a sexual one. So a 'no' response fits the script. There are some sexy chicks in politics, I must say.

  • Linda de la Barrera - 18 hours ago

    I have to wonder the moral quality of those who responded ‘no’

  • colleen milligan - 19 hours ago

    That's 29,293.82 pesos in Mexican money, btw.

    Not too shabby.

  • Steve Rankin - 21 hours ago

    Americans to get another Stimulus check by mid-March: $1,400


  • Jazmine Vom Holzrand - 2 days ago

    My deepest apologies. Werner has made me see the light. I would not be happy if Trump grabbed my pussy. My earlier comments came after heavy drinking. I am sincerely humbled.

    Joe Biden won the election fair & square.

  • Ryoung - 2 days ago

    To me, Jazmine sounds like a woman in need of a real man. "Grabbing" you. And I see you smiling.

  • Werner - 2 days ago

    Jazmine, sweetheart, what did your guy Donald Trump say about "grab them by the pussy"? Stormy Daniels, baby? Yeah, I could go on. Clowns like you are as tunnel-visioned as a proud prostitute - always celebrating your faults while casting stones at the other side.

    Do us all a favor and GTF outta here, doll.

    Or bear the wrath of commenter Brad Boner.

    Joe Biden WON and Donnie Trump lost, honeybun! That's them facts!

  • Jazmine Vom Holzrand - 2 days ago

    It certainly turned out well for Biden.

    His sexual assaults on women and children are well documented on video. His former secret service detail tells some horrifying tales about his contact with children in private. The kids “liked rubbing his bare legs” because they were enchanted with his leg hair.

    Even body language experts find Tara Reade’s interviews free of any signs of deception. Then add the internal consistencies which further support her testimony.

    But, hey. That’s just crazy Joe, right? Oh, lookie, now he’s in the White House.

    I have no interest in hearing from apologistas on the subject of sexual assault, particularly in LatAm where the machismo remains muy fuerte.

    Conflating any type of unwanted sexual contact with some notion of *romance* is beyond twisted.

    Put your daughter in the victim’s place and tell us about the kind of attention she must tolerate because Mexico is so “romantic”.

  • Ryoung - 3 days ago

    The new info in your story in which the accused - Salgado - says "everything they say about me is true" is enough for me. He did it and he's being the quintessential Mexican Macho. Loser!

  • -El Codo- - 4 days ago

    In some people's eyes every little thing is sexual harassment. Who made this accusation and where and when did it happen? I'm against it, but women aren't always so innocent. Mexico is a romantic country, people!

  • Jay - 4 days ago

    I totally agree with Robert. Why pose a question (or purposely reinforce speculation) about a person who was accused and not convicted. You follow the exact same example of the current sensationalist mini series on Woody Allen. To what point? It won’t get me to subscribe to your ‘news feed’. Just the opposite, in fact.

  • CH - 4 days ago

    And yet still not as terrible as Trump!

  • Jorge - 4 days ago

    Yes, if nominated a person will be expected to work side by side with women here in USA there is a saying

  • Robert Corkrum - 4 days ago

    Accused is not convicted. Get more facts before posing such a question. It would then be easier to condemn. This is a bit sensationalist, perhaps in keeping with your polling style. It strikes me that you want the sort of raging comments you occasionally criticize. That's just as troubling.

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